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Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care?


The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals, physicians and the medical community. That’s pushed telemedicine into the hands of providers and patients as the first response for primary care. Telemedicine isn’t new to the medical community, however it hasn’t been embraced due to insurance coverage, mindset and stigma. Here’s how it works and what it means for the future of health care.

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Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care?

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Carl Kho says

    Thank you

  2. Christie Sandidge says

    Thanks to Armstrong Williams Show

  3. Cole Michael says

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  4. Elaine Battles says
  5. Sten Lofgren says

    One specialty not mentioned in the comments is psychiatry. Telehealth has allowed me to see all my patients remotely without exposing them or me to risk of infection. A few patients choose telephone contact for various reasons but the vast majority can use a video link. It gets fairly close to the in-office experience. After the crisis I may continue to offer it as an option to established patients who drive an hour in each direction for one hour of psychotherapy. It may also become an instant alternative for the patient who has to be home with a sick child or whose car will not start, etc. The coronavirus crisis has introduced me (and a large number of my colleagues) to a new modality that can offer more flexibility.

  6. orange moon glows says

    12:40 is the real reason telemedicine is an issue for doctors. less $$$ is the problem. all this other crap about not being able to take care of patients is b.s. they only spend 10-15 minutes with their patients while in the office anyway.

  7. MR All in One says
  8. world citizen G says

    We are forced to buy health insurance, so if this new medical practice is the norm, then reduce our health insurance cost. Charge patients per diagnostic

  9. boom suga says

    Again why universal health care > than private system. In Canada ?? we have Telehealth that is 100% covered by our universal healthcare system. No insurance scared patients might use it too much here

  10. Javier pereira rodriguez says

    Insurance companies are always the assholes stopping everything so they can make sure to find a way to close and explode the system to continue stealing money from people

  11. Silver Dime says

    Never even knew telemedicine exists

  12. Ivan Velez says

    All I hear is blah blah blah we don't get paid the same for telecare blah blah blah

  13. TechYK says

    Telehealth should be adopted more. A big % of patient cconsultations is to go through labs and prescribe meds, you don't need to be present for those.

  14. Jayson says

    What happens when doctors are replaced by computers who can run the same test based on the same set of outcomes? Are doctors really needed or do we need more nurses?

  15. Clover Shearey says

    There are a wide range of telemedicine products out there. CoMediCard is exceptional. We make it affordable by offering a unique $0 copay Teladoc with $0 enrollment fee with unlimited visits. It provides peace of mind during the COVID pandemic. It is not a substitute for true health insurance but it does help provide that first line access 24/7 to a licensed physician. It is not for every issue but can provide peace of mind and direct qualified access to a doctor from the comfort of your home or office. As technology evolves, the information available to be shared with doctors online will increase. All visits can also be shared with a primary care physician.

  16. Maggie MacMillan says

    Everyone on here pointing out the negative are being way too critical. Doctors are notorious for being laggers in technology. I used to have to still fax or mail in hard copies of papers doctors offices. This concept has a lot of value once we learn our way around it. It's 2020, we have Alexa and smart houses now, telemedicine a great tool. It won't replace the value of in-person care and evaluations, it never will. Yet, this is a game changer. Get on board.

  17. lotto says

    Invest in $MEDS.

  18. Aswin Prasad says

    360 million people are getting help. That's doesn't isn't visible for you people?

  19. annette lathan says

    You still need to see a doctor for a check up bad idea. Human contact is an important part of health care.

  20. Jose Martinez Soto says

    I really hope it doesn’t because the norm :/

  21. Laken Kennedy says

    Laken Kennedy
    Licensed Agent.
    Can’t make any promises, but if there’s something better for you, at least you’ll know

  22. Binay MIshra says

    Propagating telemedicine is just like talking good about e-leaning modules. The end user experience is down and would only benefit if there is a financial incentive for the customer. Remember boeing crashes due to bad I-pad based learning that resulted in countless deaths. This will also impact as even face to face doctor visits are not reliable unless the doctor has a reputation & experience and not a new one in the field.

  23. srikanth bharatha says

    Tele health is a super fraud .
    If Tele health is applicable y we pay or insurance pay the same price. It's like outsourcing
    Call center in China for chase n xfinity are paid 37cents per hour when giving service to American people. That is Tele call what's the difference. Doctors gave symptomatic medicine on Tele health they don't do surgery.
    This should be regulated by much less cost per patient r just terminate telehealth

  24. EatenBy TheDistance says

    We need to decriminalize Medicare system.

  25. D. Akhtar says

    15:30 just in case the dr has to listen to your heartbeat over the computer

  26. Anthøny Salazar says

    ??‍???‍??????? Great Idea

  27. Narayanachar S Murali says

    It will become the new standard if CMS continues to pay at least 100% of current visit charges! The benefit to patients is very low as the comprehension, most of the time from both sides will be poor.

  28. sawtooth bygeorge says

    The tribal medicine man will be more useful than telemedicine.

    Change medicine of the future? Certainly not for the better.

  29. Mike McGlock says

    I consult Dr. Google when I get any symptoms.

  30. Gary Gorby says

    As a physician, I would say telemedicine, in the way it is currently implemented, is inferior to face to face visits for evaluation of some conditions due to limited physical examination capabilities and the lack of "presence" with the patient. However, we currently have the ability to make telemedicine evaluations as good as or superior to current face to face standards. With a medical technician, point of care ultrasound, and Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing solution… high quality healthcare can be accessible and delivered independent of geography. As 5G cellular rolls out and AR telepresence develops, holographic telemedicine could be widespread. See overview video here, https://youtu.be/kl3LYj3FVrA or more detailed document here, https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/ed487967-72d4-409f-bd75-3331a2c3abac/downloads/HOCUSPOCUSCOVID.pdf?ver=1589759058526

  31. Crudelia Demon says

    Seeing doctors talking about sustainability of an hospital based solely on money is pretty frightening. And what's about the doctor complaining about having to prioritize the sickest of the sicks ;isn't it what hospitals are made for?

  32. Tyler Horton says

    This would be much more widely adopted if the American healthcare system was run with compassion instead of just focusing on profit.

  33. Gary Roller says

    one wonders if some insurance companies will pay for this?

  34. Rosław Skrzypczyński says

    Hello, I have been watching your channel in my country for a very long time. I noticed from last week that your channel disappeared from my TV in SD quality. Does this mean that your channel disappears from Poland? Regards

  35. Mo Poppins says

    What took so long? We should’ve/could’ve started this nearly 20 yrs ago.

  36. The Desi Vegan says

    I attend teleschool for college, get medical help via telehealth, and have a social life via teledate.

  37. Morris Day says
  38. Financial Shinanigan says

    Sadly health is a business, not a right & telemedicine won't be widely adopted unless serious changes occur.

  39. chris pudwill says

    A couple of my meds are controlled and tele conference usually doesnt provide those sooo i still have to show up in person…….for shrink at least

  40. Morris Day says

    Can yhis replace intake Jobs?
    Save on walk in, low cost, and cut down waiting room space.

  41. Jonny x says

    ? Best way of protecting yourself and others from Covid19 ☣️ is by NOT picking and NOT rubbing your NOSE?. ☠️??

  42. Grand poobah says

    Do you know how many people the doctors are going to misdiagnose with telehealth?

  43. Grand poobah says

    Stop charging me my full premium and copayment if I can’t see my doctor physically. And are doctors still going to make the same amount of pay?

  44. Total Control 871 says

    THIS IS NOT MEDICINE! THIS IS A PROFIT MAKING SCHEME!! Also it's only a matter of time before an A.I. will be on the other end and human contact will finally be 100% eliminated….COMMUNIST AGENDA COMPLETE!

  45. ol capone says


  46. sirthicen skoorb says

    As much as I hate to have to use a virtual doctor I can now see the benefits. I live in a poor rural county in California. Yes, poor does exist in California. But thats because rent is so high and jobs pay poorly. We don't have enough doctors. Why would they come here to live/practice. I only live here because I'm poor. Id really rather live anywhere else. You can't get in to see a docter for weeks (unless you're dying). Even then they blow you off because everyone is on state/federal health care that doesn't pay much. Tele doctors can despense medicine from the comfort of their own home (with no pants on). I get to have prying eyes see the dump I get to live in. A problem may arise when patients don't have a phone, car, computer or the smarts to use said computer. So making tele doctors a good idea is your opinion. If doctors would doctor instead of running a patient mill would be nice. Once upon a time. Now everything is upside down.

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