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Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU


Scrolling through our social media feeds feels like a harmless part of our daily lives. But is it actually as harmless at seems? According to social media expert Bailey Parnell, our growing and unchecked obsession with social media has unintended long term consequences on our mental health. As social media continues to become part of the fabric of modern life – the “digital layer” – abstinence is becoming less of an option. Bailey think it’s high time we learned to practice safe social before it’s too late. What are the common triggers? How are they affecting you over time? How can you create a more positive experience online? Bailey covers this and more in “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health?”

Bailey Parnell was recently named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She is an award-winning digital marketer, public speaker and businesswoman with a talent for helping people tell better stories. Her work and expertise have been featured on CBC, CTV & in other local Toronto media. Bailey recently founded SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company where they help people develop the essential skills needed for professional success. She also currently works in digital marketing at Ryerson University.

Bailey is a frequent public speaker having spoken to more than 10 thousand people. She primarily speaks about social media, personal branding, and media and mental health. She guest lectured her first MBA class at 21-years-old and has been the youngest speaker as multiple academic conferences. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Communication and Culture with a research focus on social media and mental health, and holds an honours BA from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Andrea Felix says

    I unfollowed all Instagram models. ?? they are just too fake. My day starts better now , having jokes as my feed. )

  2. Andrea Felix says

    Me:I need to reduce my online presence
    2020: online classes, FaceTime, zoom calls, online tours…

  3. Ramila Karki says

    I tried to quit social media, but never done cause of missing out…
    still on social media,and don't know what to do?

  4. Paul Thomas says

    It's been almost exactly one year now off social media for me and I haven't missed it for a second. This was an interesting video but her final arguments didn't make sense. How can social media ever be positive when it's controlled by profit seeking companies that are focused on creating addiction and sustaining that addiction? I watched this video as my partner is a social media addict. I'm still no wiser as how to persuade him to put his phone away and live in the real world. Whilst I've managed to get him to do that at meals. He spends the rest of his life with his head bent looking at his phone. Yes, it's hurting his mental health. No, there is no way that social media is good, it's as bad a drug as any.

  5. G V says

    Deleted insta for 2 years and those were 2 years of freedom. Now I have insta back and my mental health has gone down.. will delete it again today or tomorrow. Wish I could delete facebook too but I need it for group works since I'm a student

  6. Mandeep Sheemar says

    I also quit social media yeah hurray ???????


    So we have to apply social distancing on social media as well….?..actually i mean it

  8. Ruthvi Bangera says

    I thought i was weird and unsocial for doing this, but this comment section made me sooooo happy. I guess ill accept myself and not doubt my decision. And yes i deleted social media and i am mentally very happy ?

  9. Ruthvi Bangera says

    I now accept myself and not doubt my decision of quitting social media because every time i was stressed over something, somewhere it had to do something with it… Although i had a good number of followers, posting and reacting became a routine and i had completely lost my true identity every time i did something on social media

  10. Dyannara Andres says

    Quitting social media is to love yourself more.
    No more drained energy, no more comparing yourself to others, no more procrastination.

    Start focusing on yourself and start achieving your goals.

    Hope someday we all become successful. 🙂

  11. Bhushan Gengane says

    Love your voice

  12. Ishrat Zahan Preetylata says

    After listening few minutes of your lecture, I deactivated my Facebook account. I'm gonna take a little break. Thank you so much!

  13. Teagan Solstice says

    I have a question: I have some friends who suffer from their reality (their parents are bad and home doesn't feel like one) and they perceive social media as escape route in which they find their identity and community, but because of that social media is also pulling them away from the actual problem they might need to fix, too.

    What's your advice for finding a balance in social media usage in order to still maintain this 'safe escape route' as well as reducing the risk of being completely isolated from one's reality?

  14. Victoria Akoms says

    Socialmedia 'shosho' media has done more damage than good

  15. Suryansh Singh says

    Me: Not really ,Social Media is F**** Awesome!!

  16. Valeria C Pla says

    the irony of this video being in a social media platform

  17. Esther X says

    I tried not to use Instagram but could only last 2 days I get so bored I don’t have anything else to do but if I actually had a fun life then I think I can deal without having social media

  18. Mr. Blue says

    She is suggesting that you take the drugs but don’t get addicted to it and don’t let it control you.
    I disagree, because you have a physiological response to drugs and social media.
    You might control your psychological responses but you cannot control your physiological responses, that’s why you get addicted to drugs. It’s not a matter of choice.

  19. Kevin Wines says

    I'm planning to left my phone at home when I''m going to work tomorrow. Everything is good but in moderation.

  20. rahul kumar says

    दाईल सुरकै के औकाद नई बात मालपुआ के मीन्स आर्ट्स का नॉलेज नहीं philosophy का बात

  21. Darius Hampton says

    sounds really good

  22. YourClips says

    Short Answer : Yes !

  23. Dewirusdy says

    I have urge to stalking people lives on Instagram ?

  24. Ginny Badal says

    Now i think I am going to be free from comparison with others life

  25. Malik Gray says

    Thank you for speaking out about the real issues on social media

  26. kiwi8476 says

    Did anyone recognize that she is absolutely stunning and beautiful.

  27. one unhappy boi says

    how ironic that this is on Youtube, a social media platform

  28. R.V. Shewale says

    Thanks a lot.. dear…for this video..it helped me..a lot. I was going through fomo..and anxiety .because of friends and social..media now i am.. feeling much better..❤❤❤?

  29. Left Right Left Right says

    Module 5 is aight.

  30. TheBorder says

    Day 14 of Facebook ?? more productive now

  31. Beanstalkk says

    i’ve been on this urge to delete all my socials for good, i’ve deleted Twitter along with Facebook and haven’t looked back since. But i’m having trouble getting rid of Instagram and Snapchat only for the sole purpose of communication with people and i like to check in on what my friends are doing, is it any help to ONLY have your close friends on socials or just delete the apps entirely? Also, does anyone have any tips on what to do during the day because i always find myself bored when not working on classes & start to get the urge to go onto social media. My dopamine levels have been completely overloaded for years.

  32. Local Editor says

    Have your spouse or a housemate change your password for your social media accounts (if you're not ready to delete them). Then you have to ask permission to get on social media. Have your spouse/housemate let you know how much time you are going to spend on it.
    Addictions, and social media is one, often require accountability to overcome them.

  33. Suzanne's Corner says

    I'm scared to delete my social media. I'm afraid I'll miss out and end up lonely or bored. But strangely enough I probably feel lonelier because of social media.

  34. PC Cuong says

    Wow!!! Her presentation opens my mind so much.

  35. Andrea Diaz says

    I just started today

  36. P S says

    the only way to cut off from it, its same like addiction of a drug and its safer to be away from it.

  37. poke lure says

    so good!!!

  38. Tamara says

    Watching this video makes me glad I'm not obsessed with social media. I'll post occasionally and never check the likes/comments, usually miss most invites (forcing people to text/call me) and it's great.

  39. William Stanley says

    Abstinence is absolutely an option. She sounds like those people who say not fornicating is not an option. Not sinning IS an option. She messed that one up, royally!

  40. William Stanley says

    There is literally no good reason to be on any of the anti-social media platforms. It offers nothing you cannot get from a better source, and introduces a lot of negativity and failure into your life. The only thing you are missing out on is stress, and stress sucks.

  41. S G says

    Social media is just mental S&M unless you like that sort of thing don't do it.

  42. lee jihoon says

    instagram dont like this video

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