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Marlowe’s feeling uneasy about Ben’s trip something doesn’t feel right a feeling she’s never had before. All of her calls are going straight to voicemail and she fears the absolute worst!




One Smoggy night in the forgotten city of port promise, Two runaway teens, Benjamin Daley and Marlowe Tumwater. Stumbled into each other by accident. Benjamin was inside a dumpster by some old shipping containers, scavaging for his next meal
when he heard a voice call out. “What are you doing?” Peaking his head up slowly he saw her, “What does it look like? I’m dumpster diving?”

Benjamin casually tries to get out of the dumpster but the garbage beneath him collapses, pulling him in further.
With a banana peel on his head, some questionable green goo and a STENCH that could MAKE YOUR EYES ROT.
Marlowe decided to not get mad at this stranger for digging in her dumpster.

Instead, she giggled and offered a hand “Need some help there tough guy?” Unfortunately, Benjamin was ALOT heavier than she thought.
As she was pulling she lost her balance and went headfirst into the dumpster. Crashing right into Benji.

The two laughed hysterically at the situation and couldn’t believe they were STUCK IN A DUMPSTER.

Eventually, the pair managed to find their way out and Marlowe offered for Benji to stop by her campsite for a MUCH needed shower
and a meal.

Up until this moment, NO ONE had ever shown Benjamin a greater act of Kindness.
Eventually, Marlowe and Benjamin’s accidental friendship blossomed into a meaningful relationship.

Several years later, now adults. Benji and Marlowe have done their part to put the PROMISE back in Port Promise. However,
they cannot do it alone. They are calling upon members of the community to come together and work as one to return this once-bustling hub of Evergreen Harbor into the gem it once was!

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  1. Sarah Forster says

    Everyone seems to forget that Ben has two hands? Like honestly, Knox, Mar and Ben would be such a power trio together in my opinion. Marlowe is driven in her career while Benjamin is very much driven for Port Promise's improvement and maybe all they need if for someone to help balance them? I think that Knox could be that balance if Marlowe is willing. Of course, this would mean that Knox and Mar would have to spend some time together to really get along and understand one another, perhaps without Ben knowing so that he can't influence their opinions of each other. If you were going to go with this story, then I think that Mar would have to be the one to propose a polyamorous relationship otherwise both Knox and Benjamin would reject it, Knox because he would feel like a homewrecker and Ben because he would feel like he was betraying Marlowe by wanting it. I think it would be nice to see a healthy portrayal of a relationship like that. Besides, I'm sure that Marlowe couldn't argue that two dads for her future children could be better than just one (especially if that one is a bit scared of commitment)?

    As for the marriage, I think that Marlowe needs to talk to someone that is non-biased in her life (maybe Knox's mum?) who can help her with the inheritance issues. Ultimately I think Marlowe is a good person and wouldn't keep something like the inheritance secret from Ben.

    Just my opinions though!

  2. TacticMystic97 says

    yo is this a mod in the sims where it has certain scenarios that comes up on your phone or in situations or do i just not have a pack?

  3. Zakiyah Word says

    I feel the Marlowe is going to be dropping hints to Ben and make it seem like it’s his idea to elope but if he doesn’t get the hint, I feel like she would tell him the truth about the money.

    The cloud over Marlowe’s head throw me off too Jenn but I think it’s Marlowe thinking about Ben. It did seem a little weird how Ben just came out of nowhere and asked if she wanted to get married, right after the trip. I feel that Marlowe might think he’s up to something or is hiding something as well. Jenn, you have me at the end of my seat girl!!!?❣️❣️❣️

  4. Nascent says

    Everyone is shipping Ben and Knox….but me? I feel like Ben and Marlowe have been true lives and they just hit a small bump. Relationships are not always rainbows ? and unicorns ?. They are work and I think Ben needs to put in the work. Are you really going to break Marlowe's heart like that? Ben proposed, she didn't so there is clearly love there. Knox is lonely because of the loss of his mom, I think they are better as just friends; it is possible for two people to just be friends. Ps. What mod let's them hike? I need that mod. ?

  5. lucy ! says

    sorry in advance for the essay in your comment section jenn , love ya and love this series!
    im gonna be real, i really did love ben and mar's relationship at the beginning of the series, but as we've continued, they've started to feel more like best friends than a couple, ya know? there's this thing a lot of people attracted to the same sex (including myself as a lesbian) experience where we feel as if we HAVE to be attracted to the opposite sex in order to be viewed as acceptable to society and honestly,i feel as if Ben might be going through that. the way he seemed almost angry at Knox for forcing his feelings to come to light really hit hard for me as someone who has had similar experiences throughout my struggle with sexuality. as for ben's proposal, I feel like it was more impulsive than anything. sort of a last resort to declare to the world that he's straight when in reality his feelings for marlowe are a lot more platonic. obviously its up to you to take the story in whatever direction you think it would best go, but i thought some different perspectives might help you out. can't wait for the next episode!

    bonus: if mar and ben do decide to go through with the wedding, im not suggesting runaway groom, BUT……;)

  6. XaKythe says

    Please take a portrait wedding photo so it'll fit in the biggest slot of their picture frame ?

  7. xMONTANAx says

    I honestly don’t ship Ben and Knox. His and Mars journey is too captivating, real & raw. They may have different interests but that’s what makes them.. Them. Their connection is undeniable regardless. They get whims for each other a lot and Ben voluntarily proposed after realising what he really wants with his life, his Marlowe. I like Knox but he’s so pushy with Ben, constantly texting and calling and it’s really clouding bens vision. ❤️

  8. Ti says

    Am I the only one who feels like this is a little off? Something just doesn’t feel right

  9. zayliza says

    wow, Jenn. again, sOoO goood ? also, your music taste? Impecable. I stay shazamin’ songs in your videos ?

  10. Pinkmon says

    If Knox didn't attend the wedding, Marlowe would be super suspicious that something happened on the camping trip, so Knox should attend. Because he's not the type to wreck relationships like that, he won't "object" to the wedding. Instead Ben will see Knox, feel conflicted, and leave Marlowe at the alter, becoming his own greatest fear: abandonment. This doesn't mean they won't work things out in the end but yeah, I definitely feel this proposal was Ben avoiding confronting his feelings.

  11. Joanna Mendivil says

    Okay guys, so I was sitting on this video all night and thought about the bad women. What if this LP took a dramatic turn and Knox started to become obsessive over Ben and started to put Marlowe in compromising situations?

  12. NiMOsWorld says

    I honestly don’t think that proposal was bcuz he really loves Marlowe so much and truly wants to marry her. I believe it’s a last ditch effort to avoid Knox. And poor Knox putting his heart out there. ??

  13. Eva :D says

    I think Knox I going to end their friendship, he can’t bare to be friends with someone he wants to be so much more with

  14. Sarah Bond says

    this is some of the best drama since the springstons

  15. S. St. James says

    I think that Marlowe isn't going to have any problems convincing Ben to get married. They'll most likely elope right away. I'm really concerned, however, because I'm pretty sure that Ben only proposed to run from his feelings for Knox. So, Ben and Marlowe will be married but their romantic relationship is dying.

  16. Teal Trans Boi says

    I know I'm late asf, but I wanna put my opinion.
    I feel like Mar won't be able to convince Ben to elope. As of right now, Ben seems like the person to wanna plan out the wedding, make the best of a one time thing. Make it special for Mar, ya know?
    While Mar will be jumping on her toes, eyes constantly on the clock, exclaiming "Come on Ben we've already waited for so long."; Causing her to eventually grow more and more frustrated. Eventually the 20 hours will pass, and Mar will be upset. Not mad, or sad, just upset. And when Ben confronts her about the sudden changes, everything spills out.
    It turns into the big argument over stupid ish, and the two of them will need a break. Ben, feeling abandoned and lied to, will go to Knox, while Mar might bury herself in her work.
    From there it's up to you to decide.

  17. Sims Nightly says

    The ONLY reason why we can tell stories are through mod interactions and Jen’s AMAZING storytelling abilities. Smh ?

  18. CaribbeanStreak says

    Jenn what mod did you use to get the autonomous proposal? I want it in my game!

  19. Spoiledbrat K says

    My favorite LP ?

  20. Mari Weber says

    I think Ben would get really suspicious of Marlowe if she tried to elope the DAY they got engaged. He probably feels really stressed out that he basically ran from Knox to propose to her, and she's already asking more of him. It could be a breaking point for them, especially if Marlowe came clean about the inheritance. Nonetheless, I think it was pretty selfish of Ben to leave Knox like that. It just feels like he's burying his feelings and acting out, which is so completely unfair to both Marlowe and Knox. All of the drama is building up to make the perfect storm.

  21. nitta rogers says

    I’m so disappointed in this outcome. I know FOR A FACT that Ben wants to be with Knox. From the get go. They’ve been estranged for basically the whole LP and for them to pop up and get married is just a way for them to continue to not address the BLATANT toxicity in this relationship. I think that when they have the “wedding” happens, as Ben and Mar exchange vows, Knox bursts in and confesses his love once more and objects to the marriage on the grounds that he and Ben knows that his love for Mar is honestly plutonic at this point and that he needs to acknowledge his mutual love for his best friend. Ben needs that in order to finally let go of his confusion about his sexuality and expect that he does in fact like men.

  22. Lucy Elizabeth says

    I think Ben proposed so fast because he freaked out and wanted to send a message to Knox that- even though he may have very complex feelings for him- his girlfriend comes first. I think he’s running away from his feelings and problems by proposing so quickly, and therefore will definitely agree to Marlowe suggesting they get married the same day.

    I think at the wedding, Knox will show up and try to beg Ben not to get married. He’ll profess his love to Ben, whilst he’s standing at the alter about to elope with Mar, and everybody will be shocked and confused, including Marlowe. Ben will completely deny what’s going on with him and Knox and convince Marlowe to still marry him. He might even freak out and yell at Knox, telling him to stay away from him and Marlowe and kick him out of the wedding reception.

    They’ll go on a Honeymoon (maybe to Sulani? You can use the destination world mod) and he might find out about the money (he overhears Marlowe on the phone with her lawyer during their trip) and get mad but not say anything in case Marlowe brings up about what happened with Knox at the wedding.

    Then maybe Mar finds out she’s pregnant, after some terrible morning sickness after their trip, and when Ben finds out he’s terrified to ever bring up what happened with Knox. He might have considered it slightly before, but now with a baby in the picture he knows he HAS to keep it quiet.

    Maybe Knox will become bitter and sad (especially after Ben kicked him out of the wedding) and set out to ruin their relationship and marriage. After all, if he can’t have Ben then why should Marlowe? And how can he let Marlowe stay with the father of her unborn child knowing that Ben doesn’t truly love her? And such strong feelings can really bring out the desperation and despair in others, including Knox.

  23. Chewmageddon says

    I feel like Marlowe will come clean about it and convince Ben that it's an investment into their future because she knows how much he's been going through with Knox and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt him let alone while he's already down.

  24. Desiree says

    The way I see it is, Ben does truly love Marlowe, however, I can also see that he has feelings for Knox that go beyond friendship. Now, there is a difference between loving someone so deeply and developing new feelings for someone else.

    And to me that dark cloud thing was addressing an elephant in the room between Marlowe and Ben, the elephant being why Ben rushed home to propose. I do think that Knox helped him realize something, but I think it was that he loves Marlowe and is terrified of losing her. But what I don't think he realized is why, it could be that she's simply the love of his life, or that he's had her in his life for so long that he can't bare to lose her. Which is also why I think he not only hasn't told her anything, but why he rushed the proposal. It feels like he proposed to run away from his new feelings for Knox, and the fear of his life completely changing. For someone who's afraid of being abandoned, he would also be afraid of massive changes with the people most important to him, like Marlowe.

    But the issue doesn't just begin and end with Ben, Marlowe is also keeping the inheritance a secret. Now, Ben has this perfect picture of Marlowe in his head as we all do for our SOs, and I feel like after they get married and she tells him about the money, he'll feel betrayed. Ben thinks that Knox helped him realize something, but I think that moment and the moment he says "I do", will help him realize something else. Whether that's how he feels towards Knox is not something that can just go away or that things are very different with Marlowe.

    It's a noticeable change, and one that screams to me that Ben has one foot in the relationship and one foot out that's wondering what he really wants. I do think he loves Marlowe, but as the title said, love may not be enough of a decider, especially when your heart is divided between two loves.

  25. Rachel Robinson says

    I was so READY for this episode! Now to unpack it. These two have so much they are hiding between them, this feels like it can only end in disaster! Marlowe and Ben need to have a conversation, not an elopement.

  26. KWu_ says

    I feel like Marlowe will tell him everything and he accepts so for them to have a better life! They move to an upgraded apartment together but Ben takes half the inheritance and runs because he’s still confused

  27. Yummy Apology says

    Yay me!!! I got a Jen shout out!!

  28. Lizerd Liz says

    I think that Marlowe had started to maybe accept the fact that she wasn't going to get Ben to marry her in time to receive the money. However with Ben proposing and her still having time it sends her into a bit of a panic about still having a chance to get it. She gives him a nice speech about how they are basically already married and she's been waiting for this moment for so long they should just do it now, ect. Ben starts to feel the pressure. He asks her to please respect the fact that he moves a bit slower then her. He just needs a little bit of time, it's a lot for him to process and he wants to enjoy each stage of their relationship. He's only gonna marry her once, he wants to enjoy it, remember it. This is important to him. Marlowe has two options. Pull out the bigs guns, Surprise! We're having a baby! Marry me! Or will she realize that money is not nearly as important as her relationship. Will she risk it all for money or just live in the moment and be happy about her engagement?

  29. Quxxn fan says

    Aw I was hoping for more drama with Knox….sigh – oh well! I'm happy for Marlow & Ben. Even though I think when Ben finds out about the inheritance he bout to be MAD MAD.

  30. Tyrik Jones says

    That Merman may have psychic ability and warning Marlowe about marrying Ben.

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