Is big tech good for your health? | The Economist

Tech giants including Google and Microsoft want to work with hospitals and health-care systems to improve lives. But should people trust them with their medical data? Read more here:

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  1. Making maximum profit will never be in line with human needs. Money is not a universal solution for all of our problems. The economy must be at the service of man and not vice versa.

  2. Centralized repository of any sort makes me nervous. Centralized repository of global health data? Absofuckinglutely terrifying. You can put a friendly face on it and call it cute names but let's be real about the power we are giving companies like Verily. Now more than ever, there needs to be a governing body for these companies.

  3. I'm more worried about the abuses that probably would result from my private medical information being used in ways that I don't agree with or ultimately being used against me.

  4. I suspect that the US insurance companies will figure out how to track the health of their clients and denounce the insurance before the client even knows they are coming down with health issues. There can be a lot of ways to use the peoples data against them and make profit. The first companies to figure the ways out will most probably grow substantially and normalize the behavior. Some government regulation might be needed, but I'm sure it is something too complex for the legislators to contain or understand well enough.

  5. Love your videos! The Economist is one of a few media sources I trust.
    It’d be great to watch your research on how coffee affects us. Your opinion on what would be if a person drinks too much coffee ☕️

  6. Those news anchors are so paid by Amazon to bring that news in a HAPPY way lol.. “Amazon FINALLY!???? abusing it’s big data to monopolize some more of your private data” is what she basicly is saying lol

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