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We help children and adults suffering from

Reading and learning problems
ADD/HD, Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Behavioral and emotional problems
Headaches, migraines, fatigue and other physical symptoms
Light Sensitivity/Photophobia
Traumatic brain injury (TBI), whip lash, and concussions
Certain medical and visual conditions.

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  1. I have irlen syndrome but I doesn't affect my math one bit,but my English is terrible I'm 11 and I can only just read and I won't even tell you about my spelling I haven't got my glasses yet,and I have light sensitivity on top of that.?

  2. I have been teaching for 25 years. I have tried many different routes to aid my students in class. As an educator I have seen issues with reading and writing skyrocket. I began using the Irlen Method over 12 years ago and have had great results. My students are making progress and showing both behavioral and academic growth. For those who think it a scam, you can put it down if you like, however the rise in the use of electronics has in my belief created students who see and process differently. This truly does help.

  3. I'm 22 and only had this help in college at 17. I corrected my problem myself through my life by reading quickly and just not bothering to read, rather than being bad at it. I'm not any less intelligent, quite the opposite. It was only through A-Levels where heavy reading/study/essay writing that I noticed I couldn't get away with just skim reading any more. I stand by the fact that it is NOT a scam. Different colours do not help and it was university funded through disability allowances.

  4. Not quite—I have Irlen, but it didn't affect learning to read, just can't do it for >10 min w/o eyestrain. Always loved learning—hated to read. Also, many dyslexics aren't helped by tinted lenses/overlays.
    Finally, there are people who have both, but you can't treat the dyslexia without treating the Irlen syndrome. Some professionals consider Irlen more closely related to Autism and Aspergers.
    Dyslexia is a symptom, not a "condition."

  5. okay dude. my sis couldn't read at all and then she got rose colored glasses and her speed doubled. Give it a rest, please? This is a serious thing…..

    at least have respect for people with this issue…..

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