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iPhone 6S On iOS 14! (Review)



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iOS 14 has came out in it’s first beta! Let’s see how it feels on the iPhone 6S!

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  1. Lee Jones says

    So is it worth buying a 6s this month and it will be able to update to ios 14 ,

  2. *Minecraft_master8 * says

    I have iPhone 7 Plus but im trying to update

  3. Will your data save?

  4. just darche says

    i just install the iOS 14 beta 3 on my 6s and there is a bug when you add the clock wigdet and you lock the screen for some time, the same it's stuck. For example if it is 04:00pm on the clock would be stuck at 03:00pm. Plus the weather widget is black you cant add city or see the weather you just need to tap it like usual

  5. Matsu Kuruzu says

    Im a bit scared, my 16 GB storage might give up ?

  6. vishal jassal says

    I updated iOS 14 in 6s 32gb ??

  7. Well_The_Simulations says

    Apple should really sell iPhones with sd card slots. This is my only complaint with the iPhone

    Also you can’t download dolphin from the App Store 🙁

  8. Simply Harli says

    So I just downloaded it on my phone, iPhone 6s. It actually took WEEKS to download. I’m getting the iPhone 11 and I’m excited cuz I heard it looks better.

  9. Nathan says

    My iPhone is working the iOS 14!!

  10. Muhammad Zain says

    Will the public beta be also small in size?

  11. Richy Addo says

    Watching on my 6s ?..who else

  12. Asim awan says

    Which date will be launch this

  13. nadjat Shm says

    I haven’t got it yet ??

  14. rhaiza ann assi says

    *cries in iphone5s

  15. Cattix says

    Im watching this even tho im using android.???

  16. Jason Snow says

    Hackerdanis !n 1nstagram he’s a professional

  17. AH Kh says

    still 13 not found 14 … and also my phone is 6s …

  18. Itzmolly says

    Why your iphone 6s so small?

  19. Khay Gee says

    How do I get it on 6s ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  20. All About Lj says

    Should I install first the iOS 13.5.1 before having iOS 14?

  21. Cross_Vortex69 says

    us 6s users will never get dropped

  22. Ykeshia Angela says

    Does the double tap thing on the back work on the iphone6s

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