iPhone 12 – this is bad news for Samsung…

EP. 930 – iPhone 12 – bad news for Samsung…
Apple is about to take something away from Samsung that will hurt them.

iPhone concept used in thumbnail created by Ben Geskin
Hi, Ben 🙂

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22 bình luận trong “iPhone 12 – this is bad news for Samsung…

  1. Apple getting on top of the phone industry? Samsung is 1st place then Google or that Hawaii phone second then apple 3rd and if it's not called Hawaii sorry for the spelling grammar Nazi's

  2. samsung says f u to apple…….than says to apple if you wanna use samsung screens you gotta pay even more now………..so apple is left using cheap screens from cheap chinese company..

  3. Apple gaming mac? A mac that coat 3k more than any other gaming pc out there? And couldn't play much games? 😂 let's see if BOE quality is able to match samsung. Just my opinion, chinese companies cannot maintain their QC and I mean CANNOT maintain their QC. These Chinese companies can copy something but not refine and iron out the creases in the product they copied. They copy alot of products in the banking industry as well. Which are really trashy because they react to issues not prevent.

  4. A gaming mac lol apple better stay in its lane. And i bet that bitch will overheat in a matter of minutes just like the iphones overheat when try to play cod mobile on them. And that Chinese company providing apple with the display that apple lacks the tech to build. It's the sweatshops apple owns

  5. .. not really that bad for Samsung my guy.. iPhones still use crappy screens..and their OS is always behind lol. I have had and still use iphones since they launched in 2007. I however skipped out on the iphone 11 because my S10plus is just doing way more for me.

  6. Apple was the gaming platform and they didn’t like it so they let windows steal gaming and they now regret the fuck out of that gaming is the biggest entertainment medium on the planet makes more money than music movies and tv combined that’s insane it used to be so niche now it’s more mainstream than tv shows

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