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iPhone 11 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features + IOS 13 | THAT YOU MUST TRY!!! ( iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max)


Don’t forget to let me know which was your favourite iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, Tip Trick or Hidden Feature, for a chance to win that epic App Store gift card.


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  1. Hayls World says

    Don’t forget to enter by commenting which Tip, Trick or Hidden Feature was your fav ????

  2. Roger E Smith Jr says

    We got a new software Monday or yesterday well you know suffer today maybe tomorrow or next week or Monday Tuesday Wednesday next week iOS 14 beta 4

  3. Abbi Heuser says


  4. モリー says

    i just got mine :,)

  5. Kalyan Maddala says

    madam, i am new to ios. how-to-switch-between-two-numbers-when-sending-Text messages in iphone 11. please explain…

  6. Kirtan Vekariya says

    @hayls world it’s an amazing vedio I had ever seen and it really worked .There were many things which were not known but by your vedio it made it. Thank you very much?

  7. ColombianaRodriguez says

    I can do these things on my iPhone 8 Plus ..

  8. Jacinta Thomas says

    Iphone 11 black gang⬇️

  9. Zenocrysts says

    who’s here after switching from android to ios?

  10. J. N. D 222 says

    Hallo… Need that phone so much.. ?

  11. Maria Sofia De Gala says

    Watching this video just in case i buy an iphone 11 ???

  12. Ryley_ danny says

    I love it ? it was cool my Favourite is the one where you can talk on your phone with person and you can film it
    My other favourite one is the one where you can change the colour in your notes and the other one is where you can take a snapshot and make it into the Internet browser

  13. Ryley_ danny says

    This is are nice video. It is so cool ?☺️?

  14. Kosmoツ says

    watching on my iphone 11 right now ☺️

  15. Amy Vlogs says

    The best feature about the iPhone 11, is the copy and paste ?

  16. Betty Frost says

    I thought I had lost my iPhone when it got locked but I got help from edemhackerpro on IG

  17. Hamsavally CDV says

    This is a good video ? thanks for the hacks


    I didn’t know about scanning documents even though I saw many such tips video for iOS 13 and iPhone 11. Thanks a lot.

  19. amandachmilar8988 says

    Cool video Girl! Im an avid apple user – android has never lasted me longer than 3 months… its just not functional or practical for me. I had the IpX, just upgraded to the 11 pro max and LOVE it! its by far my favourite device compared to the 8 plus I had before the x… the 3D map is a suuuuper cool feature that i did not know about and the scan documents.. say WHUUUUUTTT!!! no third party app?!?! how AMAZING!! these are super useful tools for my business, thanks for sharing these! <3

  20. Iz says

    Just me seeing if they work on iPhone X

    No one else… ok

  21. Tushar Babbar says

    my iphone 11 is just some minutes away omg im so excited ?????

  22. Prithik n N says

    I am ur big fan idle from india

  23. Queen kanika says

    who is wathcing this couse you have one
    i have 11 ANd my mom has 11 pro

  24. Badlands' Crybaby says

    iPhone SE first generation user and I can do all of those.

  25. The Serbian Girls says

    The wifi one can also be done on iPad and many other devises ? no hate btw

  26. The Sheikh Mohsin says

    Maam i cannot afford i phone can you give me one please. I have been planning since last 3 years but i am not able to buy it. Please if you can help.

  27. Antony David says

    I am using iPhone 11 and I am not able to take full screen screenshot.

  28. Emma van Wyk says

    Me watching on my iPhone 6: ?????

  29. Vacqr Khan says

    Thanks ?

  30. Dev Prashar says


  31. Amber Shaw says

    Don’t get me wrong I want this phone too. But my current phone, 6s does most of these too.

  32. Shock Master says

    I got this phone for free at work

  33. Sianna Byrne-Ilako says

    Lol i can do 95%
    of these on my iPhone 7 ?

  34. spotted herself says

    I don’t see the options for full screen when I’ve screen n shot

  35. Natasha Waithera says

    Can't wait to buy this phone hopefully before my 22nd birthday in sep?

  36. Alysia Moreno says

    bro like most of those u can do on any phone

  37. linkmaster77 says

    Are you saying “meme emoji”? It’s “Memoji” like “me-moji”

  38. Ayusman Dash says

    She's one of cutest youtuber have ever seen…..

  39. jocy saculo says

    Sooooo excited to buy one as bday girl for myself ?

  40. Kayle says

    Hey, I wanted to know, does the IPhone 11 support the custom live wallpaper?

  41. Chris Galicia says

    Tris Girl is so Gorgeous ???????????????

  42. Filomena Rodrigues says

    I Love all the hidden tricks and tips, amazing

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