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iOS 14 – Top 10 Sleeper Features!


A look at some of the iOS 14 under-the-radar hidden sleeper features.

In this video we breakdown 10 of my favorite low-key sleeper features found in iOS 14. These are features that add value to the iOS experience, but don’t necessarily standout like flagship iOS 14 features do.

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0:00 Introduction
0:12 More powerful markup tool
2:41 Back tap
4:48 Mirrored selfies
6:00 Quick styles in Notes
7:08 Carrier lock info
7:45 Private Wi-Fi address
8:32 Spotlight quick launcher
9:03 Limit Photo library access
10:49 Enhanced back button
11:31 Safari translation

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  1. MaxKito2 says

    At the moment IOS 14 seems more exiting then the iPhone 12 itself. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Can’t wait for public release.🤘

  2. Farhan Islam says

    Can anyone help me out, I have an iPhone XS with a dbrand skin on and double/triple tap doesn’t work.

  3. Tristan Gottschalk says

    what stand are you using to hold the iphone?

  4. Ali Tariq says

    Mirrored camera option isn’t available on 8 plus in beta 4

  5. Cy Mills says

    I really enjoy watching your videos and I like to learn about iOS 14

  6. loudtechryan says

    so I asignback tap to be play/pause music but why does it not work when the phone is off

  7. zzz 1 says

    Can’t play COD :/

  8. Munro McLaren says

    I hated when the selfies mirrored. Like it not the right way. My face is not like that. All the other camera app don’t flip your face. I’ve been so frustrated with Apple.

  9. Matthew Howell says

    If I drew a colored line on a photo, using 0% opacity, would that have the effect of erasing the photo's color where I had drawn the line?

  10. Anoop Puthanveetil says

    If these two features not available in iPhone 7 ??
    1. Mirrored Selfies &
    2. Back Tap

    And also Siri still takes full screen on my device (iPhone 7) running Public Beata 4.
    …is anyone else facing the same issue??

  11. Sam Cinto says

    Samsung 🤢

  12. matia92 says

    Why's he say the words on and off so weird? Own owf

  13. Keith Stewart says

    i dont want to select which photos of the 20,222 photos i have that i want to allow access to

  14. Sublime Comprehension says

    The lock screen??? No love from Apple??!

  15. javamanden says

    Could you share how U made the shortcut, turn/off ligt??

  16. AhDab UllDoYa says

    Just curious does anyone else not care who has access to their photos? I don’t keep any of passwords or me or other people. Is there any other risks? I don’t download weird apps or anything

  17. Nish Solanki says

    What’s that song in background….?
    Also y iPhone 7 & 7 plus not getting new features🤨 like back tap😤

  18. SauS Gaming Shizzle Channel says

    Asking for thumbs up before the video even started nets you automatically a thumbs down.
    It's pathetic, stop doing that.

  19. Leo Joey says

    10:04 wait can you choose albums like as a whole or do you need to select photos within an album,…

  20. Poppin says

    do i need to use private wifi address on my home network?

  21. mahboob ali says

    Dear brother I am using I phone xr iOS 13.6 my ios how to update iOS 14 not have update iOS 14 please help me

  22. MkTako says


  23. Clifton Parchment says

    Love the carrier lock feature

  24. Dieter Hammes says

    Back tap not available on iPhone 7😒

  25. Alex says

    Wow. I thought by sleeper features you meant features to help you sleep😭

  26. Judas Bytes says

    can we change default font to something else i.e. Comic Sans?

  27. Pritam Karmakar says

    I can’t find the option of mirror front camera in my ios14

  28. Andrew Elia says

    The back tap is cool and all but I don’t find it too practical. I found myself accidentally tapping the back even when I don’t mean to. I eventually turned it off again and saved myself a headache.

  29. Parmesan says

    No PWA yet…. They really need that on iPad

  30. Goranneli Episodes says

    watch this the whitewater center Charlotte, NC – https://youtu.be/2z4y9yK76iY

  31. Rafael Sondon says

    That limiting photos feature should be other way around. You should choose which photos an app can’t access. Otherwise, you have to select photos every time to take a photo you want to post

  32. Maxim Kozachenko says

    This video could be 3 times shorter without any loose of content…

  33. HisShadowX says

    Video starts at 0:15

  34. Subodh Hande says

    At start i hated ios as iphone 11 is my first Apple device but looking at ios14 updates i am certain that i wont switch back to android. I wasn’t a privacy focused person until i used iphone and now i am not only on iphone but on my windows laptop, my google account everything digitaly too .which i think soon will be replaced by macbook air, and i am planning to buy airpods but ₹18000 is way out of my budget for just earphones that’s keeping me from buying.

  35. Matt Halpain says

    These are mostly all good to me

  36. Liarize says

    What the frick is Miami blue????

  37. Steven Mancera says

    Man I love all of these, excrpt that new godawful iOS 8 Apple Music icon 😫😫😫

  38. MUNDO TEC JB tecnologia says

    iPhone 😉👍🥰

  39. chaitanya ingale says

    I don’t have the translate feature on my iPad Pro . It is currently on iPadOS 14 beta. Does anyone know if there is any way to manually turn it on? If no then why didn’t I get it ?

  40. Jopflah says

    Delve was good! You should’ve stuck with it.

  41. Phoenix King says

    Great vid

  42. H4n Mil says

    Does back tap works though if you have some thicker case like rhino shield or spigen?

  43. MANOWAR says

    Now I phone user can enjoy windows and Android old future. I can call this super pro I phone.

  44. Trey McBride says

    Best “sleeper feature” is the alarm not working properly

  45. David Miller says

    Great tutorial. I would miss a lot without your videos. BTW, my favorite is being able to access the hierarchy in settings.

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