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iOS 14 Public Beta 4 – DON’T Update YET!


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  1. Insane Gamer says

    I’m stuck on terms and conditions I click on agree but nothing happens is there a fix for it ?

  2. KalygyGamerXx 834 says

    As soon as I updated to iOS 14 beta 1 the Snapchat voice recording stops at the middle and doesn’t make a full 360.

  3. Armen Alexandrian says

    Downgraded back to iOS 13.6.1. Too many app crashes on that version.

  4. Muhammad Taha says

    Can I still download the final update in September

  5. Zubair Baig says

    I have to call twice to everyone becoz 1st call no voice are coming or going and second is normal

  6. Ceo says

    This beta sucks I can’t play any of my games and my apps are all crashing I my phone 3 times and it still sucks and my battery will literally be at 30 and drop to 0 in like 2 mins.DONT UPDATE

  7. Chilu Mubi says

    How do I fix app crushing on beta 4😭😭

  8. Fusion Beat says

    I can’t charge my phone it crashed

  9. jaden parker says

    so we all came here from Cod Mobile huh

  10. Anthony Avitia says

    I already made the mistake of updating and it’s been horrible my phone keeps crashing freezing up becoming unresponsive and all sorts of other problems this has got to be the worst beta I’ve ever experienced please skip this beta if you’re thinking about updating

  11. leon vinci says

    There is one more issue that when you save a number it doesnt shows up in contact list

  12. ZVT Agent says

    It’s got way more bugs than iOS beta 3!

  13. Pavan Kalyan says

    iPhone 7 when released public beta iOS 14 beta 4

  14. Kausmik says

    Dude I’m on public beta 3 and I can’t use safari it says a problem repeatedly occurred on and then the site can someone help I need to finish up some school work and can’t do anything atm

  15. Dr. Koushik says

    Battery life sucks on ios 14 beta 4/3/2/1 on my iPhone x

  16. aFz hAn says

    Now can ignore calls in Lock Screen also

  17. Diego Palacios says

    I'm on beta 4 iP7+ and Im not getting any notifications i don't have dnd on or anything it's so weird

  18. Roger E Smith Jr says

    Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday Wednesday or far we can get a new software updates some people complain about all software stove bugs virus is not working to get a new software last week with a new software this week or next week iOS 14 beta 5

  19. Cali Ragon says

    The thing is the mic won’t WORK AND THE CAMERA and it’s just crashing

  20. travboii says

    me on public beta 4: 👁👄👁

  21. EddDee says

    If you enable the dark mode on their mobile device zoom for standard mode will appear in dark mode.. that's why you can't see the visual of standard mode. The solution is easy, disable the dark mode change to the lights mode so now you can see both of view zoom 😋😜

  22. Ameer Subhan says

    My camera is blacked out. Anyone face the same issue? Please tell

  23. Haunted Gamer says

    For like speed and more battery life go to settings then go to background app refresh then turn off the apps that you don’t use on a regular basis

  24. RETIREDCodMobilePlayer says

    Wish i saw this video b4 i updated it…

  25. Amadou Aam says

    The worst iOS14 beta yet

  26. Jay Patawaran says

    When you use airpods pro the camera app is on and off

  27. KAARU says

    Is it ok if i update my iphone in ios 14 beta? And if i have ios 14 beta , can i update it into official update?

  28. Naman Purohit says

    Cod is also crashing

  29. Ankur Nashier says

    Spotlight doesn’t work properly in iOS 14 developer beta 2 , hopefully it’s fixed in developer beta 4

  30. Lucian Luscious says

    My battery experience is the worst on xs max

  31. Twayne Bess says

    Does beta 1 affects the speaker volume?

  32. Konstantinos Panagos says

    !problem with keyboard unexpectedly disappearing!

  33. Abdul Latifi says

    Thanks for this video! Not gonna update from beta 3 to beta 4 😳


    My Beta 3 was terrible and Beta 4 was great

  35. Lindsay Nicks says

    My experience is horrible my apps crash and my phone gets hot and there is a big delay!!!! It’s frustrating….. on my iPad Pro 12.9 it completely fried my iPad I couldn’t turn it back on after this last update!!! I am so upset about all these issues I am having!

  36. Joe says

    iPhone SE 1st gen. :IOS 14.3beta is out but I’m still on iOS 14.0 beta no issues at all battery last more then half a day not over heating issues here. Battery and performance is great tbh. I’m waiting for iPhone 12. (5.4) 🤭

  37. Ashley McGrillen says

    Im still on ios 14 beta 3 and im stuck on it. the new public beta didnt show up for me in software update. Will it eventually come or my phone is broken. im using iPhone 11

  38. JustMeCooper says

    I downloaded it last night before I went to sleep and have had no problems yet hopefully it stays like that and the only noticeable change that I don't like is that I've been dropping a little bit more battery than usual but not a major thing for me

  39. theophyne says

    iPhone 11 Pro here. No major issues with public beta 4. I did notice the absence of pictures on Facebook messenger on share sheets but nothing else. No app crashes, including the Chase app. Battery is fine.

  40. Familjen Wiklund says

    Beta 4 is much better for me on my xs max than beta 3. Suddenly some apps started to work again.

  41. Tawanda Chinhoro says

    I saw this after already downloading, and camera 📷 isn’t working  😒

  42. Pierre Jatta says

    Why you don’t talk about iOS 13

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