iOS 14 Hidden Features! Camera Tricks & More

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Alongside some loud features, Apple also added a lot of amazing quiet ones. I dug through iOS 14 to find some hidden and secret features that Apple didn’t talk about on stage! From new stuff in the camera app to double tapping your phone for Control Center, which new feature is your favorite?

iOS 14 wallpaper:
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AppleInsider’s FaceTime eye contact demo:

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  1. Hi brother.. i have updated ios 14 developer beta 2 but now too much problems.. wifi connection after 5 minutes loss .. again and again connection lost .. please tell me what i do now .. i have iphone 11 .. im really worried about it .

  2. I’ve noticed the green light turns on the upper right hand corner when you tap your camera app for photo or video..I’ll be honest I thought someone was watching me? Can you please explain that in your next video because nobody isn’t mentioning that..I never even knew that it existed in my iPhone 11Pro..

  3. Anyone else going to start replacing 3rd party apps with widgets. I plan on having a widget only home screen. Just watched a video comparing the beta version of siri to googles beta assistant and its rather disappointing with Siri. Especially how they call Siri "smart" Hell I've used Bixby for a short while and it was way better than Siri

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