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iOS 14 has a Few Issues that NEED To be Fixed!


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Apple recently released iOS 14 beta 2 for developers and public beta testers with hundreds of new features and changes, however there’s still a few UI changes that Apple needs to be addressed in 14 to make it an overall better user experience i.e lock screen incoming call UI, Improvements to Siri and more.

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  1. Raadidas says

    You can dismiss the call in the lock screen you just have to press the power button twice

  2. MIRZA RIZWAN says

    Please update Aspect ratio of your videos. Most of my subscribed Channel use new Ratio.
    If Apple allow remapping Side button, I’ll ? change it to Google Assistances ?

  3. Tarun The Manipulator says

    The sound that we get when we plug in the lightning is fine but we should also get another sound when we plug it off …. many of the original cables don’t last long ???

  4. Ann Natalie says

    I was referred to cybertoolz on 1G and she has done a great job for me

  5. Oliver Lauritsen says

    Agree with the power button apple just says “fuck you if you don’t want to use siri its fine but you won’t get your power button back”

  6. David Booker says

    Yes Whit siri you right about & they need to add split screen on are I Phones ????

  7. David Booker says

    Are you just have to do is double tap your lock buddy and that's how you declined your a call !!

  8. Lexington Raymond says

    I use the App Library every day.
    The caller UI on the lock screen should be worked on…

  9. Weerty Football says

    my touchscreen is not working even tho downgraded it and still, do u think that iOS 14 affected my iPhone X

  10. Mark Meehan says

    I hope so to

  11. VISION says

    The new Siri is fine I love it.

  12. Egg TBD says

    People have to a understand that Apple doesn't wanna straight up and fully copy Android YET. They have got to reserve further improvements later on as part of "innovations" so updates won't feel and look stale.

  13. Dave Cormack says

    Totally wish I never downloaded beta 14 banking apps won’t open and bt tv app uk keeps crashing ?

  14. Abdullah Salah says

    In the first issue you can dismiss a call by just double clicking the power button. am i right? ??

  15. Dylan Walker says

    It’s why it’s called a BETA…clearly the official launch of ios14 will fix whatever problems you’re experiencing in the BETA!

  16. Jasmin Krnjic says

    I can dissmis a call, must press 2 times the lock button

  17. Akshay Dahale says

    Should i upgrade ios13.6 to 14 public beta on primary device? Also i have apple watch 3?

  18. Kai Kontiokoski says


  19. Mr Johnson says

    I’m having problems with my  watch series 5 with Siri

  20. Eldho Kurian says

    A separate call and media voice controller, so that we can listen to a video when on a call.

  21. Baard Kale says

    Libery is not needed it’s a gadget not functionel.

  22. Karthik M says

    Please add all these issues in Feedback app who ever is running beta .

  23. Andrej Stemmle says

    Dear Miguel,
    awesome job, like always.
    Especially that Your suggestions are right to the point.
    That You exactly know, what a lot of users want.
    Way to go

  24. Cláudio Jr Melo says

    I don’t like Siri full screen and this new one is more ugly. Seems a weird thing. Could be more small. I wanna a cellphone, not Jarvis

  25. Joshua Ostrander says

    I thought Siri animation was ok I liked it

  26. Colby McDowell says

    Hotspots are not showing up in my WiFi settings on iOS 14 for me.

  27. MovieCaveDave says

    I agree wit tha Siri part, but the remapping of the side button and the last screen with a gesture, I dunno ? I mean they have always been more ‘user friendly’ and if they start the mapping of a side button where does it end ? Got to think about the wider demographic, young and old, I’m just thinking about the older people I guess, they definitely could make Siri better. Top vid

  28. Jack Rosenthal says

    You’ve always been able to silence calls on the Lock Screen by pressing the lock button

  29. Neil Boardman says

    Siri looks like a Chinese knock off in iOS 14 ?

  30. Haki yaşar Uzundemir says

    My brightness is stuck I can’t increase it. It automatically dimmed and auto brightness doesn’t work do you have any idea how can I fix it?

  31. Harley Quinn says

    Can u mention to Apple that on iOS 14 beta 1&2 I’m not able to play Pokémon go it crashes and and some of my apps turn white. Thanks

  32. P-Can says

    Can’t your short cut the library??

  33. P-Can says

    Agree why so many steps to shut off iPhone

  34. P-Can says

    Only person complaining about Siri. This guy ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  35. P-Can says

    Do much on luck screen like what. Nit picking

  36. P-Can says

    Remove empty battery circle

  37. Brianna Marie Dale says

    Text Conacker222 on iG he's an expert he got my iPhone XR fixed for me

  38. hannson cena says

    No stress with cyber netic on whatsapp +16692572898 who just fixed my ios phone successfully

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