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iOS 14 – Hands-on with Redesigned Homescreen, Widgets & New Call UI!


iOS 14 Beta – Hands-on with Redesigned Homescreen, Widgets, Picture In Picture & New Call UI! | iOS 14 Features & First Impressions

iOS 14 Beta 1 was released to registered developers today and in this video, we go hands-on with some of the headlining features of the update.

iOS 14 brings an all-new redesigned homescreen with customizable widgets, an app library, the ability to hide pages, Picture in Picture, a new incoming call UI & much more! In this video though, we just cover those. Stay tuned for future videos covering ALL of the iOS 14 features!

iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes:
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0:00 Intro
0:28 Widgets
4:16 App Library
5:01 Quickly Change Pages
5:32 Hide Pages
6:13 New Today View
6:50 Settings
7:17 Picture in Picture
8:43 Control Center
9:38 Incoming Call UI
10:15 Conclusion

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    UPDATE: iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes –> https://youtu.be/-81x3lOmVmU

    Another iOS 14 video coming tomorrow with a LOT more features/changes. Stay tuned ?

  2. Gba van Aardenne says

    So when i look at my homescreen to the music widget, i see “no recently played music” so that means no album art. It doesnt mean what widget size i use, there’s just always “no recently played music”. Is this a bug or maybe something i have to change in settings?

  3. Kim P says

    I did download iOS 14 but At 9:08 I can’t see the: show home controls

  4. Martino Martino says

    We need lock screen widgets like you said

  5. Glock G says

    I have uptatet but the plus sign dont come up

  6. Wade Procise says

    Love your videos!

  7. Superman Blue 18 says

    Your videos are probably the most clear and concise. I’m a fan already.

  8. Dummy World says

    Is it safe

  9. EDPGetCool says

    When is this supposed to come out bc I still haven’t got it yet

  10. Matt Florio Vlog says

    Brandon, when is this IOS 14 coming out to iPhone 11 Pro Max ?

  11. Marco Vic says

    Worry no more, Thomsflict 0n |G is the perfect answer for your device upgrading. Fast n reliable.

  12. A P.A.C FILM says

    Have they not made the update available for the iPhone 10r? I only got another iOS 13.6 beta update today

  13. Comedy Pubg Lover says

    Excellent superb.

  14. Tishko Rasoul says

    Jailbreak tweaks did all of these a long before

  15. makavelli eshun says

    Can someone send the link to downloading the beta iOS 14

  16. FireEX gamer says

    Bruh you forgot about Siri

  17. It’s yae’s Tv says

    Uhm so like if I update my phone is it gonna be glitchy or something because the update come out on September and I’m scared that my phone is gonna lag and do your phone have to be backed up to do the update please respond

  18. Brendan Fogel says

    Youtube needs to update VP9 so I can watch my videos on full resolution. It’s so annoying.

  19. Planet Aiva says

    I’m getting Andriod vibes ughh??? I like most of them though

  20. Cj Laflare says

    They real life just stealing jail break tweaks

  21. Engorgio Armani says

    Now you can all see for yourselves that Apple and Google both copy each other. And that's perfectly fine.

  22. XHAPE says

    Honestly it’s about damn time they added that phone call UI.

  23. Syreete White says

    Thanks for this video very informative

  24. The Serious Gamer says

    That’s literally android

  25. S1mply_Guap says

    But can u make it so certain apps like Instagram and Snapchat don’t show up when u scroll to the app organizer

  26. Ajith Hegde says

    its very similar to Android. Would have loved if they had innovated in some unique way

  27. Thea Emilie says

    How do you get the upgrafe i have a iPhone xr?

  28. Laden Saraçoğlu says

    Does picture in picture works in iphone 6s+?

  29. Clout Turtle says

    Is it possible to change photos on the photo widget and if yes how do I change the photo?

  30. Chaitanya Harpale says

    Well nothing new for android user's ?

  31. Yuo Light says

    wish you could choose what photo you want as a widget

  32. SharpFitnessLook says

    Updated version of Nokia Windows phones

  33. Chosen Jews com Scott Sepanek says

    Do you always end all your sentences like you’re asking a question ?

  34. joshua plays says

    iOS 14 looks like an Android

  35. Nate says

    Hey! Plz help. I want to watch YouTube outside of the app but I have an 8+ and don’t know how to do it because of the home button

  36. Hoops A Plenty says

    1 John 2:15-17

  37. Jay Fitzzz says

    Hope there’s new wallpapers

  38. Hannah Mayer says


  39. Niko Duke Nasar says

    My iso 14 is not showing maps and news

  40. zaiiden; says

    I'm going back to android ? I just didnt want mh screen filled up on a call

  41. Leilei leilei says

    Finally , All these years feeling like I have the same iphoneeeee! ?

  42. Baltimore 2tone shit says

    Apple slowly turning to Android lol just sad

  43. Threadpool Gam3s says

    jeez…you can put this vidoe in like 37463738p

  44. Guys don’t believe him he’s a Fraud

  45. You lier is fake

  46. Galil Morados says

    looks like an andoid already ?

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