iOS 14 Exclusive Features NOT Available on other / older iPhone’s

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View: iOS 14 Exclusive Features NOT Available on other / older iPhone’s

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  1. Hi I’ve got iPhone 10 X max when I install iOS 14 my Viber app done work anymore so I delete twice and I installed again still doesn’t work I reboot my iPhone switch on and off still doesn’t work what shall I do thank you ?????

  2. On iOS 14 on my iPhone XR I can do the listen to music while recording a video as well I think it’s just with iPhones with a home button that doesn’t work because it doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 as well but it works on my XR on iOS 14

  3. There is an option like back tap in older iPhones but that action is done with the help of assistive touch (when I tap two times on assistive touch it takes screenshot) plz check one time in assistive touch column plz

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