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iOS 14 Beta 4 – Don’t panic..


iOS 14 Beta 4 – Don’t panic.. (Follow-Up Review) | iOS 14 Beta 4 Features & Changes

Apple released iOS 14 beta 4 to both registered developers & public beta testers earlier in the week, and in this video we go over some additional new features & changes, the performance, battery life, bugs & more!

iOS 14 Beta 4 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 14 – 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 14 – How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube:
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 – This is Impressive:
iOS 14 on iPhone SE – A Nice Surprise:
iOS 14 on iPhone 6S – The OLDEST iPhone Struggles:

0:00 Intro
0:20 Additional Features & Changes
4:15 Bug Fixes
6:32 Bugs
10:24 Performance
11:30 Battery Life
12:43 Community Poll
16:35 Outro


How has iOS 14 beta 4 been for you? Facing any of the bugs I mentioned?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    What are you looking forward to in beta 5?

  2. Kylie Stocking says

    When I click on call of duty it just doesn’t work because of the update 😢😢

  3. keanu lee says

    The camera app as a bug on my phone

  4. TheOnlyEn says

    One irritating thing about the new clock system. You cant turn the sleep alarm clock off easily like the other alarm clocks. Pls put this back

  5. Arslène Loualich says

    The clock widget not fixed yet, still not showing the correct time

  6. Netflix Panda says

    i have a snapchat bug that the bar you type in disperse!

  7. Christian Iversen says

    Is anyone else having problems with their AirPods picking up a phone speaker when you are first making or receiving a new phone call?

  8. Jacob Robertson says

    This is the only beta that has been crashing for me

  9. code DIBBLE says

    Phone turns off at night when plugged in

  10. Sure Shurely says

    My insta crashes whenever I pinch to zoom into a picture

  11. Finlay Godfrey says

    I've not been getting any notifications, anyone know if theres a fix to this?

  12. Lorent says

    Whats the name of your wallpaper? Looks nice!

  13. WhoaAM I? says

    I had IOS 14. And my phone was bugging so much battery was bad i downgraded

  14. Adore Charlis says

    #free Fortnite

  15. david kirn says

    My instagram always crush when i go to someones profile on stories

  16. diego rangel says


  17. diego rangel says

    It does not let me play cod mobile no more

  18. Briek Wozniak says

    The weather widget still doesn’t work for me tho

  19. Meerab Fouz says

    if the 6s is my main device do i get the beta?

  20. Mohammed Rashid says

    Sir please check your instagram dm’s for a message from an account @mxd.x_
    I have mentioned and send few screenshots of issues i’m facing on my iPhone XS, iOS 14 beta 4 version.

  21. codee gerdeman says

    I rolled my phone back to iOS 13 since iOS 14 doesn’t work with many apps such as cod mobile just wont open at all and I play cod every day at lunch with friends at work so yeah not happening worked on the other betas so what’s the problem

  22. Donald Reinier says

    Pokémon go and call of duty mobile crashes for me i try to go into them it just shows stuff then crashes

  23. Luddy says

    for me on beta 4, it heated up the hell out of my phone and drained my battery like heck.

  24. Jackie Lowrey says

    Beta 4 has been horrible for me… everything is glitchy, the time is messed up, my apps randomly close.

  25. Joshua Winder says

    my instagram an other apps keep crashing somtimes

  26. thesoulkeeper31 says

    iPadOS beta won’t allow Call of Duty game to run. As soon as the Activision logo shows, the app crashes. I reported to Apple

  27. Taner Comertoglu says

    For beta 4 for me, when I’m In phone call I can’t hear the other person and they can’t hear me, I’ve been using my iPad for phone calls lateley (my iPad is still on iOS 13)

  28. staylittyy says

    iPhone XR once the battery reaches 80% while charging it would seem that it is reluctant to progress further this has happen several time

  29. ben micek says

    do you think at this point i should just wait for IOS 14 to actually come out instead of getting the beta?

  30. Ethan Castillo says

    On b4 i can’t see my private stories on snap, so i can’t use them. I know they’re still there cause i’m ios 13 they were still there.

  31. emmanuel sanders says

    Had to get a whole new phone never again

  32. Matthew Williams says

    Using iOS 14, Beta 4. Contrary to your remarks, the clock widget is still losing time every time I install it. I’ve restarted, and re-added. I am on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not sure if it’s the phone version or the software but it still doesn’t keep time. Just FYI. I’ll try again after Beta 5 hits. Thank you for your info!!!

  33. Brian Zinszer says

    I’m only having 2 issues. I use reminders in my widget and it stays blank until I open it. I’m also having issues with messaging not loading. When I open it it’s a blank white screen. It corrects itself once I close it out then reopen it though.

  34. גילה שריקי says

    Brandon, you are in a huge panic and that’s weird because it’s not a live or death case,
    The ios 14 is the worst ios ever and you can’t do nothing about it.

  35. Johnathan Shelton says

    I have an iPhone XR and my keyboard stops in the middle of typing, Minecraft performance is garbage, COD mobile insta crashes, battery drains much faster, leaving an app that is lagging makes the whole phone laggy, Snapchat crashes at random times. By far the buggiest beta so far for me

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