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iOS 14 Beta 4 (24 hours Later) NOT GOOD 😏


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  1. sangamesh dashawant says

    backtap feature suddenly stopped working on my iPhone XR, I am on iOS 13 beta 4 😒

  2. Kelly Zac says

    This beta 4 my iPhone 11 battery drop so fast and phone is hot

  3. Al1cco says

    The camera keeeps lagging

  4. _sweet micky says

    It keeps kicking me out of instagram

  5. Sky Tregobouff says

    i had my battery health at 100% then last night it fell at 99% and tonight it again fell at 98%. i might have to seriously downgrade

  6. Bittu Tomar says

    When ios14 public version released????

  7. Benzinewagen says

    The later beta, the worse it gets…
    OMG is Apple using parallel development paths again

  8. ItzBlockyTv Network says

    The smiley is the only reason I’m here

  9. Elijah * says

    Can you at least drop
    The link to page 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. C DOT C says

    My apps disappeared when i added a widget

  11. Fizaan Apple new tech says

    It’s messed up

  12. Fizaan Apple new tech says

    iOS 14 apps crashing

  13. Fizaan Apple new tech says

    That is true it happens to me actually and iOS 14 beta 3 was ok

  14. KIDWITH AIDS says

    I’ve had apps crashing like yours for so long with iOS 13, but when I updated to 14 it’s never happened since

  15. CRASS2047 says

    On beta 4 If I call someone on my AirPods, I cannot hear anyone. YouTube keeps crashing, and when typing in gmail, or messages the keyboard disappears for a few

  16. Rae Tyler says

    Anyone did this update on an 8 plus?

  17. Keith Jones says

    If you are Blind!! Do not download your watch will be worthless!!

  18. Ç_ßà_G Śhrèśthà says

    Mostly more then more applications crashing on ios14 beta 4

  19. albertchauwithapow says

    my Instagram when I press on someone's story interactions it crashes

  20. BINOD says

    Can’t play CODM 😩😩😩

  21. Alexis Texis says

    when i connect to bluetooth the icon doesn’t show up when connected to bluetooth is anyone having this problem?

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