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iOS 14 Beta 3 Release Date, Bugs Fixes & More!


Here are the few bugs I’ve encountered in iOS 14 beta 2 that hopefully will be fixed in iOS 14 beta 3!

Edit: beta 3 of iOS 14 is now out

Wallpaper will be updated to Twitter

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  1. Bravoking Sparo says

    Another successful one by Henry.hack1 on iG is reliable and affordable

  2. Ann Natalie says

    I was referred to cybertoolz on 1G and she has done a great job for me ??

  3. loxxkko says

    pokemon go works?

  4. Ayush's cyber world says

    Developer beta 3 is released ??

  5. Sonny Aina says

    I hope this third beta fixes that was wrong with beta 2… which is everything, my phone started tweaking and flickering big time, I had to shit it down before it possibly fried my phone.

  6. Jaydeep Priyadarshi says

    14 beta3 released

  7. DezTex says

    Where can i download the beta 3?

  8. DanielGames says

    I still haven’t received the update on my se 2020

  9. Mark Gregory says

    It’s now out guys

  10. Michael Griesinger says

    iOS 14 Beta 3 is out

  11. Amit Patel says

    Most of my app stopped working. My camera stopped working and has black screen on my camera app. Location got off. most of the things are not working

  12. unruly tyrese says

    I have a touch id not working unable to active touch id how to fix?

  13. Gaetano Topo says

    i installed beta 2 on my main device, but i still have problems with slow wifi .. do you know how to fix this bug? or do you know if it will be correct with beta 3?

  14. Cod mobile Gaming center says

    Will it be released today?

  15. Garv Chaudhary says


  16. Olivia Angela says

    my face id isnt working anymore.. wil this fix it ???

  17. Joshua Miller says

    what's incredibly sad is that these early betas are more stable than iOS 13 itself.

  18. Naman Vasudeva says

    Siri id draining standby battery as well

  19. CForCraza says

    Yeah I was upset I couldn’t hear Siri hope they fix it in beta 3

  20. Chef Jelly says

    I have an issue with SSL error on secure connections while not in WiFi and using the browser

  21. Joseph CA says

    My camera is glitchy

  22. RX TV says

    I hope they fix that stupid Storage Problem ?

  23. Turn Ar Tekken says

    I bet beta 3 won’t be any difff

  24. Armando Miravete says

    Does anyone’s apple maps crash while using?

  25. Lancer dag8 says

    What happen to the audio you need to get a better mic bro

  26. Lancer dag8 says

    Where’s the wallpaper I don’t see it btw good video

  27. Phước T says

    i was serously waiting all day for it too and thought after class i can come home and update my iphone fkkk

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