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iOS 14 Beta 1 and iOS 13.6 Beta 3 – Weekly Follow Up Review


iOS 14 Developer Beta 1 and iOS 13.6 Beta 3 have been out for a few days to over a week. After using iOS 14 Beta 1 for a week and iOS 13.6 Beta 3 for a few days I go over some issues with iOS 14 , the overall experience, battery life, performance and much more. I talk about the iOS 14 public beta release date, iOS 13.6 release as well. I show you iOS 14 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iOS 13.6 Beta on iPhone 11. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – iOS 13.6 Beta 3
01:28 – iOS 14 Beta 1
02:14 – bugs and issues
05:27 – Performance
05:51 – iOS 14 Beta 2 and Public Beta 1 expected release date
06:15 – Stats
07:21 – Community poll
08:17 – Comments
11:43 – Conclusion
12:10 – Wallpaper
12:23 – Outro
12:43 – End
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  1. zollotech says

    What version of iOS are you using? Do you like the outdoor videos? iOS 13.6 Beta 3 and iOS 14 Beta 1 have been out for a week or more depending on which one you are running. This is the weekly follow up for both. Thanks for watching!

  2. Lexi828 says

    I'm confused on what the difference is between 13.6 and 14. Should I get 13.6 before 14 or does it matter?

  3. RodRiguez says

    How do I get iOS 14 instead of 13.6? I’m on the public beta since last year

  4. Anthony Smith says

    I have had no problems with iOS 14. I love it.

  5. SharkPunchGaming says

    iOS 14 Beta 1 been great on my 6S Currently Downloading Beta 2 and Looking to Upgrade to a 7 or 8 When i have the money

  6. Shid Dela Cruz says

    I have ios 13.5.1 then my home button doesn’t work after 1 week of having ios 13.5.1 can it be repair on next update? Btw i have a iphone 8 plus

  7. Salvatore VIVACQUA says

    Like: Public beta

    Comment: developer beta

  8. Maciej Szymczak says

    Can I add more than 5 fingerprints now in iPadOS 14?

  9. Chris Bailey says

    Please tell me Mail has been fixed?

  10. VeryBadVibez says

    so can i update to the public beta when its out?

  11. Guapo Prince says

    I’m done with the stock mail, I’m using spark.

  12. Andy1341000 says

    What you are experiencing is a storage glitch. In reality what you are seeing isn't true? You can see available storage under the other category. I tested this one of my devices said I had 1.5 GG available although I downloaded 10GB worth of apps.

  13. Deepak Bhumra says

    Sir your wallpaper link is not working. Please update the updated one. I tried both links.
    I like your wallpapers.

  14. Kohenur Begume says

    I cant wait for the iphone se plus

  15. Kohenur Begume says

    I have both android and iOS
    Actually use

  16. Avery Jelks says

    I’m waiting for the final tbh, but love watching the behind the scenes look

  17. Afaamboma Tayem says

    is anybody having trouble with Siri, I am running ios 14.0 and whenever I say hey siri it takes up the whole entire screen instead of appearing at the bottom of the screen how do I fix it Help!

  18. Paul Marsden Sr says

    Great video Sir. I liked when said you update Android as well. Always bringing unity to the tech community. Stay safe brother.

  19. shrivi p says

    Please make a video on whether to buy iPhone XS Max or iphone 11 at this point of time

  20. Muhammad Adib bin Nordin says

    I do really hope that after iOS 13.6 update officially released my battery drained (where it drain faster than normally even after fully charged) issue will be solve

  21. Ben Quah says

    No speed dial on ios 14? The function is gone when force touch on phone.

  22. Michael Angelo Mijares says

    Hi aaron. Please ask if they would ever add 1×1 or 1×2 widget instead of the 2×2 or 2×4 only.

  23. Jacqueline Johnson says

    De 1 g iPhone 6 s+ios140

  24. roldan maltizo says

    i was waiting for ios 14 update in the settings instead i download ios 14 beta i was experiencing beta case pure issue happening so i returned to ios 13.5.1 ok i started beta case 1 weak then i have issue

  25. Mr Fuzzy Face says

    My perfectly running iPhone 6s Plus has been ruined by 13.5.1???????

  26. Franco Rimoti says

    What I hate about IOS is the fact that I’m not able to back up my iPhone using mobile data! Here in the UK and other countries in Europe we’ve got unlimited 5G data plans . Is absolutely stupid not being able to back up my iPhone unless is “connected to power, locked and on WiFi “ !

  27. リバイアライアン says

    iOS 14 looks in achieving the Azul part of systems since the iOS 15 which is called Azul+1 are upgrades from the iOS 14. Now with a few months into September, it would likely see more improvements than current betas that is being releases..it’s just a matter of time before the iOS 15 can get it straight adoptions from the iOS 14 and succeed on to iOS 16.

  28. Simon says

    I like your videos, but I mainly come here for the wallpaper ?

  29. SACK VLOGS says

    One think i like about you is you always provide link for wallpapers?❤??

  30. Colin Mills says

    Hi Aaron. IOS 14 on a 6S and working very well. Battery struggles though!!
    Thanks for your videos and stay safe
    Colin from UK

  31. Naman Vasudeva says

    Screen rotation lock with the exception for videos would be a great addition like in samsung devices. It would be great if you could put a request for that in the feedback app.

  32. Antonio Fernández says

    Thanks for the wallpapers, I really like them!

  33. Ed Gauci says

    Apps not working is the main point for having a developer beta. It gives developers a chance to fix their app’s compatibility before the OS is released to the public.

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