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iOS 13 — First 13 Things To Do


Watch this video to see the first 13 things to do on iOS 13!
From the new Automatic Dark Mode Settings, to turning your keyboard into a trackpad, using Emergency SOS to stay safe and even a virtual home button, this video includes the Best things do with iOS 13.

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Let us know what your favorite iOS 13 feature is in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!

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iOS 13 Hidden Features:

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  1. AppFind says

    Let us know what your favorite things to do in iOS 13 are in the comments!

  2. Richhomie Jo says

    why keep dark mode manually when you can just put it on dark mode forever??

  3. Abdillah Satria says


  4. Mina Lečić says

    Guys How to install youtube on iphone 13 i new iPhone customer so I don’t now 🙁

  5. Themagic Bill says

    Too long ?

  6. Theunlovedchild says

    The thing is..when you get to io13, u can't upload videos on youtube.

  7. EL Don Rudy says

    Screenshot of entire page did not know that was possible thanks!

  8. PSN says

    I recommend this:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  9. Sarvesh Kumar says

    Thanks for this ! I love the hidden track pod feature ? it’s just awesome

  10. heather holt says

    I love that you explain things in detail and repeat some things also speak pretty fast and clearly! I always keep my dark morose off but I didn’t know a lot of these!!!!!

  11. Pius Muchira says

  12. Sandy Ortiz says


  13. Perfect lyrics says

    its very useful thank you

  14. Des says

    Uhhhhggg…that "virtual home button" isn't a secret…it's been around for quite a while there bud so many of these have been around for a while, you just happen to live under a rock and once you found all of these your like "OMG I JUST FOUND SECRETS!!!"

  15. Deano Shepherd says

    Thanks for the video. Very helpful. At 6:03 I don’t have the ‘Cellular’ option. I have 'Mobile Data' and 'Personal Hotspot’ options instead. 

    I found ‘Low Data Mode’ however, inside Mobile Data/Mobile Data Options/. Presumably this is different because I’m starting out with 13.3.1.

  16. Bill Stewart says

    How many times did you need to say "Hope you never ever need this…" Why not go for seven? Jesus…


    If you silence unknown calls. As a business man or these days business person ?. Will I be missing out on people I don’t know looking for my business.

  18. Kathleen Liggett says

    As a senior citizen who is somewhat tech Savy, you just go too fast with instructions. I watch you on my iPad with my phone in my hand and I still have to go back and rewind several times to do some of the things yay are showing. Just FYI. Thanks. Good info.

  19. Bobby Scott says

    Good video! It would’ve been helpful on find my iPhone if you told how to add a device. Regarding iOS 13 I absolutely hate it!!! Apple has taken many, many features and what was one or two button pushes are now three or four. That’s not an improvement!

  20. Becki Aul says

    iOS is good, love playing lots of songs on it. Google ZillaTube, it can help

  21. Lana Major says

    My phone won’t update to ios13.3…. keeps saying it couldn’t download

  22. John Chupin says

    Do not forget to turn off silence mode, when u r seeking new job and waiting a call from potential employers 🙂

  23. Fans Channel says

    I AUTOMATICALLY got here through an automatically played video

  24. Christopher Perez says

    The zooming in is super annoying. We can see what you're doing. Now you're just giving me a headache. Makes me not want to watch

  25. A. Ziyovuddin says

    I think this guy came from Nokia

  26. Andrea Gargano says

    +AppFind hello, how often do you raccomend to turn off this device for the battery life?

  27. Mr Wrong says

    I want full page screenshot be available for iPhone X too ?

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