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iOS 13 announcement in 10 minutes


As expected, at WWDC 2109 Apple announced the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 13. The big updates are Dark Mode, better performance, more advanced Maps, and a wide variety of new security features.

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  1. ThomTom Gaming says

    Typing with the swipe feature

  2. the normal one says

    Nah tbh this was an amazing keynote, IOS 13 was a major step forward for IOS

  3. kamrul hasan says


  4. Dylan Kazim says

    Apple: Steve Jobs has died…

    Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. ALI_ ARMAAN says

    Craig Federighi voice is clear, sharp and attractive

  6. Vaibhav Yadav says

    Apple : now on apple music we have contracts with real emerging artists, so all of their music will be released on here 1st than other streaming platforms

    Lil baby : woah!! woah!! None of you guys can fly as me..

  7. ALI_ ARMAAN says

    Craig Federighi’s vocal cord is crystal clear!

  8. Muhammed Naiju says

    Wow ??

  9. Donald Un says

    Apple: we did noth…
    The crowd: wooooooooooooooo

  10. Arvin Gerald says

    Idk why there's too many people writing meme in the comment section….

    While I'm just focusing and watching the video?

  11. AngrierGorilla says

    Do you have a WIIIIISH?!?

  12. atem 941 says

    I won’t update to iOS 13.I have never forgiven Apple nor slowing my battery.

  13. Kian Dance says

    Apple:"When you type. You can swipe."

  14. Saurav Misra says

    What are some unique features, which other brands cant even think????

  15. Nas Loyal says

    Team apple ? ????

  16. Kayla says

    1:12 “refine texture” ..ok sir ?

  17. Chakravarthy C says


  18. Chakravarthy C says


  19. terrance Wright says

    Apples only top dog for their bionic chips n closed network, everything else was copied from samsung and other android phones they always late then calls it new might see a iphone with in screen display in a couple years who knows

  20. ッΛCE says

    in 2030, Apple will pay people to be in the crowd to scream WWWWWOOOOOOOO

  21. SlimyDog says

    did not know i has swipe type. *types with swipe type * *surprised at how good this works *

  22. Patrizio Peracchia says

    on the iPhone 8 … the ios 13 is a desaster apps can not open, whatsaap does not work properly, the app store crashes by itself, facebook opens and closes right back as well as instagram. the iphone is partly so hot that I'm afraid it could explode. Then why the apple ID with photo show in the settings if the photo is buggy and never seen? then 8 calls in absence and it never rang. What's all this about? I paid 700 bucks for what?

  23. David Platinum says

    Apple will never be the same without Steve. Constant issues. Bad updates, Bugs etc. instead of concentrating on the OS, all they focus on is adding more phones and iPads in a thousand different sizes. Steve focused on a top quality product from IOS to the actual device. Maybe you should be sure that your updates are going to actually work before sending/forcing your corrupt updates on us.

  24. goasphere says

    I got new iphone and first thing is HOW TO GET RID OF MEMOJIS

  25. BDK 1210 says

    “It’s called ‘Sign In with Apple’ “

    Wow, haven’t I heard that before.

  26. BDK 1210 says

    Turn your phone- and SmOooOOoooooOthly go down the street.

    Audience— WHOOOOoooOooOoooooOo

    Literally anybody else— isn’t that what cars are for?

  27. BDK 1210 says

    Apple- Because when you type, you can swipe


  28. Just Rob says

    It’s more android people watching iPhone videos then iPhone people ?

  29. What a Plant says

    We have added dark mode which is 20% more darker than android! Audience black hooollleeee!!!

  30. Rafik Reseize says


  31. Orianna Grande says

    Hello darkness..

    Him: My old friend

  32. The EliteGame44 says

    9 minutes 59 seconds clearly 10 minutes??

  33. Leora Holt says

    2019 not 2109

  34. Jackie Jack says

    I love iOS 13

  35. bertraminc says

    Almost 7 years since iOS 7.0 was released and Apple still won’t fix broken move & scale code to set lock screen and background photo images. Tim Cook needs to go.

  36. vishal mellark says

    Apple: hoeee
    Audience : wooooo

  37. The Shield Hero says

    cough cough 9 minutes

  38. William Haddad says

    Federighi (Fedy): "And now, when you type—you can swipe!"

    Paid Audiences: Cheers & Claps "WOOOOOOO!" "Yeah!" "What an invention, wowee!". "We love you, Apple!" "Go, Apple, WOOOOO!" "Now, Apple will lead the way into the world!"

    LOL, what?!

  39. Renthlei Remrem Fanai says

    "when you type, you can swipe" lol. My android phone back in 2014 could do just that

  40. Renthlei Remrem Fanai says

    That nigga sucks at presenting it.. You shouldn't just brag about yourself or your company in a presentation

  41. Katelyn Park says

    Apple: There is now no home button!
    Audience: Nice
    Apple: Ehh, we allow a camera feature now.

  42. TE_Hritik koul says

    1:30 you gotta be kidding me that feature was in android almost 2 years ago.

  43. Banduent says

    I swear they don’t even know what there woooowwwing at. ?

  44. lllCalBarrettlll says

    App size seems to be the same as before False advertising ??

  45. Estrella Aparicio says

    I hate iOS 13 🙁

  46. Jt Torres says

    These update fucked up my phone. No cellular data problem. Fucking bullshit apple

  47. Omg Backstabber says

    Still going to stay Jailbroken Ios 12

  48. Ahad Ahmed says

    I use i phone 6splus but, Sometime it’s control center is not working..
    What is the solution..??

  49. Joshua Miller says

    The biggest iOS update since 10

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