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iOS 13.6.1 Update And iOS 14 Beta 4 Should Be Dropping This Week Or Next Week To All Supported Devices On iOS 14 Beta Or iOS 13 Public Release! iOS 14 Beta 4 Will Bring More New iOS 14 changes and iOS 14 Features To Your Device Such As iOS 14 weather app , iOS 14 icon changes and much more! iOS 13.6.1 release should be on the same week as iOS 14 developer beta 4 but we will just have to wait and see..iOS 13.6.1 whats new will also addressed in this video with iOS 13.6.1 bugs and issues found within iOS 13.6 , iOS 13.6.1 will bring further new changes to your device and a lot of iOS 13.6.1 security updates too! iOS 13.6.1 features will have less but iOS 13.6.1 bugs will have more fixes such as the battery drain and hotspot issues found within! In terms of iOS 14 beta 4 release it will be most likely this week and iOS 14 beta features will include changes to apple music , icons , widgets , animations and so much more!
#iOS1361Update #iOS13 #iOS14

iOS 14 developer beta has been out for nearly a month now and we have less than 2 months since iOS 14 drops to the public and in terms of iOS 14 public beta 4 , this should drop aswell! 🙂 iOS 14 beta latest update , which is iOS 14 developer beta 3 hasn’t been that great in terms of iOS 14 performance and iOS 14 battery life and iOS 14 battery drain , this should be fixed in iOS 14 beta 4 download and iOS 14 beta 4 update! iOS 14 changes will be pretty significant later on so stick around till the end since I have a lot to cover!

iOS 14 developer beta 4 will be covered in this video alongside iOS 14 download link , iOS 14 beta profile , iOS 13.6.1 release date and so much more! Hope You Guys Enjoy , Anyway Thank You Guys So Much For Watching I’m Apple-O And I’ll See you Next Time 🙂


iOS 13.6.1 & iOS 14 Beta 4 Update! 0:00
iOS 13.6.1 Release Date 0:42
What Will iOS 13.6.1 Bring? 1:16
Battery Life And Apple Music! 1:24
Hotspot Issues 1:43
iOS 14 More New Changes 2:02
Apple Watch App (Icon Changes?) 2:09
Shortcuts (Additional) 2:20
Siri Changes! 2:35
Smoother Animations! 3:07
Mail App Changes! 3:17
App Layout / New Widgets 3:47
iOS 14 Bug Fixes 4:16
Issues With Pairing Apple Watch 4:27
Problems With Weather App Widget! 4:47
Issues With Airpods Pro 5:31
Performance And Battery 5:49
General Overview For iOS 14 Beta 3 & iOS 13.6.1 7:11

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  1. Apple-O says

    Will you be updating to both?

  2. hamza shafiq says

    Not released??😭

  3. Layne South says

    When is iOS 13.6.1 will be out it august 7 I don’t see it yet

  4. efishies15 says

    @Apple-O Is there a chance that iOS 13.6.1 could be released tomorrow on Friday? Or is it more likely that it will be released next Tuesday or Wednesday during the week of the 10th through the 14th of August?

  5. Brandon Ives says

    Do you think iOS 13.6.1 will be released today?

  6. Yunus says

    is ios 13.6.1 announced by apple?

  7. Is OHOTNIK says

    when is the update?

  8. karthik yn bharadwaj says

    Hi! When will be iOS 14 beta 4 to public be out?

  9. Ben Puryear says

    if i am on ios 14 public beta, can i downgrade to ios 13.6.1 after uninstalling the profile like you could with ios 13.6?

  10. hamza shafiq says

    Apple not released 😭 ios 13.6.1

  11. efishies15 says

    @Apple-O iOS 13.6.1 still hasn’t been released. I thought it would be released today, but I checked my iPhone, and there was no update for iOS 13.6.1 today. Do you think it will likely be released next week on Wednesday? 🤔

  12. Mehrab4K says

    Great video ! Good luck bro for ever 👍

  13. T Hank says

    My battery life is seriously short with 13.6. Hope to see a fix this week

  14. AlexM87 says

    So far 13.5.1 for me has the bets experience. Battery life is considerably longer than earlier versions and overheating is solved. 13.6 overheats badly so I hope 13.6.1 would solve that again.

  15. zexcapalot says

    Hi I just switched to iOS.6 I was recently on iOS.5 and my battery drain was very bad hopefully this new update makes my iPhone 7 battery better as I got a new battery in it

  16. mXvETM Evil says

    Congratulations on 3k 🎈🎊🍾

  17. Finesse says

    How’s the Battery?

  18. Kevin McEwan says

    Actually a load of pish!! You don’t show anything apart from scrolling back and forth from one screen to another. Waste of time.

  19. Blue Call says

    How do you get it

  20. WLWesleyJr says

    BETA 4 just dropped

  21. thedonofdeath says

    Currently downloading and preparing updates for iOS 14 beta 4 developer beta

  22. GnysBoy says

    Thank you. Hello from Russia

  23. thedonofdeath says

    iOS 14 beta 4 is out

  24. Gray's Days says

    Can u show more exactly about each improvement or bug fix?

  25. Alessio Depreytere says

    The update is out!

  26. Zeth Grover says

    Has anyone have been having any Bluetooth problems?

  27. sasha says

    Will instagram be Fixed ? Im currently have a issue with instagram with ios14 beta 3 it crashes and i have to redownload it over and over to use it .

  28. SHABEER KV says

    Hi bro.. I updated 14 beta on my iPhone XS and still have many issues like battery drain and network issues always and sometimes no connection. Pls let me know how can I move to iOS beta 4 or latest one pls ..

  29. Young Temper says

    How about 13.6.1 when dose it come out

  30. Kyle Flavel says

    You developers should see beta 4 today or tomorrow l

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