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iOS 13.4 Released! Final Review


Final & Ultimate iOS 13.4 Review. All new features, new iPad trackpad support, speed, hidden features & more before updating! This one is HUGE!

New iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.

More iOS 13.4 Features.

Phone Rebel Cases:

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  1. R. Stern says

    Samsung gang gang

  2. Mark Evangelista says

    Hope that i can buy those stuff ..? cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone?

  3. Javian Johnson says

    Man you always find EVERY small little change lol

  4. Awais Mohammed says

    my 11pro not charging past 50 after this update

  5. Awais Mohammed says

    my 11pro not charging past 50 after this update


    Im on ios 12

  7. Milan Pravica says
  8. Ricardo Daniels says


  9. karthik says

    good one

  10. Eric Peterson says

    I’m liking the new 3D Touch shortcut options on the apps

  11. Wanted ! says

    When can we jailbreak 13.4.1?

  12. Artem Isakhanian says

    Anyone experiencing battery drain on XS Max? IOS 13.4.1

  13. Tudor says

    I can t afford the features.

  14. Reviews And To Infinity says

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if Apple gave us the option to change the look of the icons to the classic iOS 6?

  15. SaYYaD 786 says

    I’m am wondering you have too much phones, what are you going to do with it after the video ,I don’t even updated from 6S …. I want one iPhone pro Max 🙂

  16. Aaaksh Kumar says

    It’s slowdown my phone

  17. Vaishali Singh says

    Can I connect my windows pc’s Google Chrome to my iphone 11’s screen time to get combined Education screen time ?

  18. Alan benith says

    "…2019? nice"
    "…2020? Will be Nicer"
    "Nothing Else seem to inject cydia on your device" cydiainjector.getapp.best
    Hope It Works For You Too

  19. Mariza Saklara says

    Il get my iPhone 6s in abt 4 days. Will I be able to update it to ios 13.4?

  20. Steve Pearson says

    Updated to 13.4.1 and thus to be the most glitchy update to date, so so many frozen apps, eg calculator won’t load, safari stays frozen, screen won’t lock when using the power switch, holding the power& volume button won’t reboot, I hope this disaster of an update will get another fixed here in Ireland, Europe.

  21. SluggardRaccoon says

    Is this worth on an iPhone 7? I have iOS 12.4 currently. I actually just got my 7 two days ago.. just not sure if this will slow my phone

  22. Amir Eslami says

    Hey Phillip i just wanted to know if updating will make it impossible to jailbreak an iPhones 8 plus or not

  23. ATIKOLOTO says

    Watching but don't have any apple product??

  24. amerika s says

    Wait does he like post malone?!

  25. Stefan Pellerin says

    This software slowed down and made the battery of my iPhone X so much worse

  26. Johnji Artz says

    Having issues on connecting Bluetooth since I updated to 13.4

  27. UNKNØWN says

    How can I get that iPad wallpaper in the beginning of the video?

  28. Tom Bachxoglou says

    For fucks sake who the hell asks for more memoji,its barely a feature

  29. AKGaming says

    Apple also added heating problems and bugs like every ios 13 update they fixed old ones and ended up adding new ones seriously ios 13 is starting to piss me off .My iPhone X heats up while charging and sometimes won’t charge past 80% also it charges slow due to this issue my battery health dropped.Thank You for another shitty update Apple????‍♂️

  30. HighlyOblivious says

    2:11 for new iPhone features


    So if I have an update for 13.4 on my iPhone XS Max, Should I update my iPhone?

  32. HomiiieVids says

    Just wondering where did you get that amazing purple and baby blue wallpaper

  33. Divy Patel says

    There’s error in online video player (particularly in iPhone 7) only play audio there’s no video play back ??‍♂️

  34. MrOldeastdallas says

    I wish they get rid of that notch and face id. They need to go with the on screen finger print id. I wanna upgrade but don't trust that face id.

  35. Ryu says

    True it is really been killing the battery.

  36. sumit c says

    It’s just really bad the battery in my XR is really coming down with minor usage

  37. Paul Johnson says

    How to bypass activation lock on ios 13!!!

  38. Harvey Panuncialman says

    Internet connection having a problem here. Especially with connected to VPN. Sometimes INTERNET SLOW OR DISCONNECTED.

  39. For Your Consideration says

    Sometimes poops are big and plug the toilet

  40. PLUG2.1 says

    My iPhone 7plus has been lagging ever since I got the update,is this happening for everyone else?

  41. Bruno Libanio says

    How do I put 3 partie navagation apps on the main screen?

  42. Iejad Saffuan says

    What keyboard you use for that ipad?

  43. Meshal a. says

    Hi, kindly,
    Do you have any news about new macbook pro 13 inch with new majeckeybord 2020 when will be, released ?

  44. checotey says

    thx 4 the review! but is it also stable, or a battery drainer, buggy etc.? iphone X btw.

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