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iOS 13 – 30+ Best Hidden Features!


iOS 13 – 30+ Actual Hidden Features! | iOS 13 Hidden Features & Changes (Review)

iOS 13 beta 1 was just released last week and in this in-depth video, we cover over 33 new features & changes on the iPhone! These are not your typical features like dark mode, the new Volume HUD or anything like that. These are features that Apple didn’t talk about and that you may not know about.

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What’s your favorite iOS 13 feature so far? Stay tuned to the channel for iOS 13 beta 2 coverage, reviews & much more!

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    UPDATE: Want to save HOURS of battery life on iOS 13? This is the video you need to watch: https://youtu.be/igYAbY2PPGc

    What's your favorite "hidden" feature, or just a feature that isn't super popular?

  2. Ella Smith says

    Thx you ?

  3. Jennifer Dodd says

    Thank you, great info. You talk too fast though! I found it hard to keep up with and learn. I had to keep hitting rewind.

  4. Gaming Maniac says

    0:19 Imagine spelling changes Wrong

  5. Loris Foucart says

    All those videos are great but it'd be great to have a timestamp in the description

  6. Mary J Nierling says

    Very informative. Thanks!!

  7. Alexa says

    it's okay to update the iphone se right?

  8. Naeemul Ahsan says

    I don't even have an iphone, still watching these kinda videos.

  9. It’s Marga’s Channel says

    I love your videos but can you talk a bit slower because it’s too fast. :)) very informative videos though. ?

  10. Billy.J McBee says

    Anyone knows how to set a customizable tone for Whatsapp messages please 😀 ? (11 Pro Max)

  11. Jhoni Graham says

    He listens to DVSN?

  12. Douglas C. says

    In my control panel with IOS 13, I dont have a QR reader or UI

  13. Jhoni Graham says

    21?❤️ never gets old

  14. Idris Elbas Washcloth says

    I’m low key turned on to the sound of your voice! Sorry I had to get it out !

  15. Justin Bannon says

    Thank you!

  16. Rick Quest says

    Probably 30 features I will never use or even find again if I need to, hahaha

  17. Eve Cine says

    Thank you so much for making this video. I had a hard time trying to bookmark some websites from safari on my phone. Your video is so far the only one that talks about it. Thank you!!

  18. Katie G says

    Watching this on my new iphone! Finally made the switch from Android after 8 years

  19. tenore8 says

    Good thing Siri can add…

  20. steady bloke says

    WHo cares

  21. scubaflimedic says

    A lot of new stuff, but who cares when this new update KILLS your battery! And the last two updates doesn't say crap about the battery issue.

  22. Habiba Loai says

    Who else actually thinks the iphone 11 looks good

  23. MAGA Til it Hurts says

    The text around 20 seconds in says “Chnages” instead of “Changes”

  24. Combined Gaming-420 says

    i fucking hate the memoji keyboard. such an annoyance

  25. subra santhanam says

    Add some music shortcuts like grandes songs etcs

  26. Ernesto Aguilar says

    How the hell do u connect a ps4 remote to iphone xr

  27. Darius Cyrus says

    " What is 10+9 it should tell me 21" You gotta be shitting me hahahahahaha

  28. Kiwan Kil says


  29. Mareko Ruiz says


  30. Karen Tenorio says

    ok after the update it placed and dot on the screen for the controls instead of sliding down. How do I get rid of this? It's driving me crazy. Thanks

  31. Farman khoso says

    I don't have voice over who is downloading HD video in iPhone X Pro

  32. Ryujinzzz says

    that feature works even before ios 13 and if you just type “9+10” in it’ll show the answer right there without having to press ask siri.

  33. allemander says

    At the 9:22 mark, you said iOS 13, but I believe you actually meant to say iOS 12.

  34. Christina Moonvibes says

    how do you hide the carrier on ios13?

  35. Phantom2029 says

    ? if I ask Siri 9+10 it should say 21 need to go back to school young man ? Siri told you it’s 19

  36. Kay46 says

    You talk to fast

  37. Richard Griffin says

    on my iphone 11 pro i do not see the QR

  38. Abby Robeson says

    Anyone else have no do idea what he was taking about for the reminders hidden features? i have none that he was showing and i have the iPhone 11, updated to iOS 13.

  39. Alexandra Martinez says

    love the way you explained everything, this video was super helpful!

  40. Doris Huang says

    Thanks, I didn't know about the pressing down on the wifi icon to show more wifi nearby. Thanks a lot 🙂

  41. Kellie Reads YA says

    how to add a website to home screen and music app to repeat songs

  42. Jim Mo says

    About Safari > Calling verified phone number new feature, anyone know how we can get our own customer service number verified by Apple? Thanks 🙂

  43. Kathy Dornian says

    Too fast!!

  44. Nancy Smith says

    Can you please tell me where is the repeat button for Apple Music on IS13

  45. Gina Costanzo says

    New to this Brandon so your information is fantastic but could you please speak a little slower for us oldies. Thank you

  46. Benny Nixx says

    Some of y’all never had Vine, and it shows.

  47. Carolyn Morgan says

    Good, but you talk to fast especially for those of us not as tech savvy as you are.

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