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Introduction to my Lifestyle Challenge


This is an introduction to life bootstrapping and to the use of the lifestyle challenge grid. The practice of creating, using, reviewing, and revising this grid is transformational. It enables a consistent application of adaptive lifestyle practices, which leads to the development of healthy habits and lasting change.

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  1. Nathan Henry says

    This is a great idea. Do you know if anybody else is doing something similar? I'm doing some research in this field.

  2. Ira Zosych says

    I have a video about My lifestyle Challenge
    on my channel too

  3. Fabio Camargo says

    I had save in my fav a year ago.

    And im shocked about how this video got only 2k views.

    Twerking and getting momentum in exercise and meditation right now and wanna track everything.

    This method is awesome!

    I'm implementing this RIGHT NOW!

  4. Erlin Vázquez Castellanos says

    Great system. Thanks

  5. Joe Manfredi says

    What kind of camera do you use?

  6. View 2637 replies says

    I'm really glad I discovered you today! The grid is what I thought of doing before, but never really did it because I do not know how to design it (though there are other similar things out there, but yours are more straightforward :D). Perhaps I can use yours as a start. Thanks for the great idea!

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