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Introduction to Computer Network | OSI MODEL in easiest Way in Hindi | Need of OSI model


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  1. Sonia Virdi says

    As always… excellent concept clearing… session

  2. Shreyas Gosavi says

    Are protocols are included in functionalities??

  3. cOmputer science says

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    Plz subscribe for new updates

  4. Syed Md Rizwan says

    Tussi great ho.

  5. Ramzan chado says

    you are great teacher i like you very much for every time.

  6. Meharjot Singh says

    Sir, all your videos are enough for gate preparation.

  7. Aryan Kushwaha says

    Best line … Ye hai google ka gaya.on 9:00

  8. RANU YADAV says

    Wow bahut ache define kiye Ho Me es topic me bahut confused thi

  9. Neeraj H. Singh says

    Copycat ??? from ravindrababu ravula videos.

  10. MD SAMEER says

    Nice lecture visit https://srslearning.blogspot.com for free E-books

  11. Taha mohibullah says

    for study material and lectures on audit, accounting and IT visit this channel.. its great

  12. Divya Mathur says

    What we get after paying 159 rs per month?

  13. karan munjani says

    Such a great explanation… Your playlist will be helpful for me while studying in this pandemic.

  14. Thank u sir

  15. myblog record says

    Sir can I provide notes of computer network PDF free of cost

  16. aryan says

    8:20 for that smoothness we use computer network?????? what,sirf smoothness k liye?

  17. Amar Panchal says

    Sir Please sql languages discuss kara do .
    July sa phala please exam hai

  18. Artist says

    anyone may visit and subscribe this channel to understand Automata / Data Structures / Algorithms topics in a very easy and clear way.

  19. Akshay Srivastava says

    Always best n effective…

  20. Amandeep kaur says

    this is what i need.,……..i want to understand all concepts like this..thnx a lot sir?

  21. Bhinder Singh says

    Thanku so much sir aina vdia smzon lyi

  22. aajkal ki bakchodi says

    Please tell me your whole series of gate cse is sufficient for gate exam ??

  23. Kartik Arora says

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  24. Amit Ray says

    Thank you so much sir ur explanation is quite awesome.

  25. Kiran Gupta says

    Ty sir

  26. I know nothing but try for something in this field.

  27. Mahi Jain says

    You are so good??I never get bored and because of you it's so easy to understand the concept ?? Thankyou!

  28. Vidhya krishna prabhu says

    Hi Sir, I subscribed this channel recently though I dono much hindi am able to folloe you. First of all thank you for simplifyimg the topics and providing such great lectures. I would like to know or get a note on the topics to be understood thoroughly for GATE. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  29. Anirban Nath says

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  30. AnKuR Rohilla says

    aap really great ho sir aap jaise to Ravulla sir bhi nhi smza skte

  31. AnKuR Rohilla says

    Sir please ek baar Mux and Demux dobara bata do

  32. gaurav sharma says

    Thanks sir g

  33. Naitik NSS says

    Lots of love❤❤❤

  34. Tamanna Sharma says

    Please make videos on c language… Please.. I watched many videos but didn't understand …

  35. Tamanna Sharma says

    Thnku sir… Best teacher u are

  36. Sufian Ahmad says


  37. Yashwant Kerkar says

    Is OSI is software or how we use OSI in practical..?

  38. khalil mian says

    sir book kn se follow kar raha ha

  39. Hasnahana Khatun says

    Very helpful this video.. Thank you so much sir

  40. Deepanshu Aggarwal says

    Sir, do u provide notes ?

  41. tarun bhatnagar says

    sir can you please tell me UGC NET exam syllabus helps in NIC exam …..

  42. lalitha mannepalli says

    Tq u SO much sir

  43. Rohit Gupta says

    Love all ur videos sir

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