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Introducing the new Google News


The new Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you.

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  1. YT PRIME says

    Though it's a good initiative but we are lost too as a beginner ? https://manipathak.com/

  2. Martin Gonzalo Allegretti Botella says


  3. GoudenDynamietHD says

    This is my favorite news app!

  4. Sai Srikar says

    I preferred the previous version, when I opened an article it felt neat and newspaper-like. Now it's just web pages opened on a different app.

  5. Gary Schroeder says


  6. Kishori Lal says


  7. Jeff Alblinger says

    How do you use this new Google if there's new Google news I've got the old Google this new Google I have no idea of using it cuz it was you circles and you can shoot pick and choose which one you want to use how do you use it

  8. Hiraman Darode says

    Hiraman darode

  9. Randy Bristow says

    My photos of my hangouts

  10. Dordaneh Palizi says

    I enioy readind Google News.

  11. General Thomas says

    I like it because it's just

  12. General Thomas says

    Cuz I like it is very cool that mean relaxing

  13. Alana Allred says

    This is a cool app

  14. Saleem Mohommad says

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  15. Tikaram Oli says


  16. skoookum says

    Shitty propaganda machine

  17. Randy Johnston says

    I want to hear all about the news

  18. Jimmy Packham says

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  19. Peter Acworth says

    Wonderful, more profiling. The problem with us all seeing different articles – only those we like – is that people matching a given profile can be singled out and fed a specific message. Those people see a message they agree with but nobody else sees it. Everyone's happy! The journalist thinks he/she did a splendid job because the viewers liked the piece. The viewers are happy, because Google correctly predicted they would like the piece. Google makes money. The hidden problem is that divisions between us grow wider. Please bring back the days of the BBC where we all watched the same news -even that which we didnt like – and debated it honestly with one another. Minds were changed as we found common ground. No longer. (Having said all this, I'll consume Google News. Its totally fun stuff i like to read about. Yay!)

  20. Bohemiyan বোহেমিয়ান says

    মোঃ রাশেদ শাহ্
    MD Rashed Shah

  21. Eddie Davis says

    I really didn't know about then I just surfing the internet

  22. Vasta Dehadiya says

    स ग. ीम हहमह हग. ८ी. FcCDcvuoouo

  23. Jo Blow says


  24. Neelam Verma says

    Very good

  25. Neelam Verma says

    Very good

  26. kinkle buts says

    I like google but with great power comes great responsibility

  27. Gregory Garvin says

    I loved when you could use Google Assistant by saying Ok Google and it would read from the daily headlines and podcasts. What happened?

    My Galaxy S9 just stopped being able to access the voice reading.

  28. The Weird Weirdo says

    Im i the only one that can't find the app in play store!? Not even the apk work!!! Can someone help me ???

  29. Lil T Edward says

    I'm looking forward into breaking headline news.

  30. Jestin James says

    i liked the old newsstand.this one is bs.

  31. Mary SHERROD says

    Can't login Samsung accounts

  32. Alan Brito says

    Why is Google giving collusion desinformer Fox News the second line in search position? how much are they paying you?

  33. Alan Brito says

    Why is Fox News in second line search after google? do they pay you for this? is this after trump complained about fake news? Id this how you manage neutrality? Fox is an explosive media controlled by extremists… is this how you want the internet to be global?

  34. Estelle Savard says

    What's happening,?want to know how to secure my data and photos and apps on my ipad?

  35. Luis Luislui says

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