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Interview with Hyunbin [Entertainment Weekly/2018.09.17]


▶ Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 Ep.1729
Showtime: Mon 21:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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  1. Nur Faizah says

    Kapan lagi Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye disatukan lagi dalam 1 cerita..saya sangat menantikannya🙏🙏

  2. ราตรี อาจปรุ says

    ฉันรักเค้า ฮยอนบิน 🥰

  3. rajbijz says

    Hyun Bin is so talented. He makes you cry when he cries, makes you laugh when he laughs. His OST in SG is soul touching. I wonder why he feels shy and embarrassed.
    Hope we are lucky to see him in more and more dramas and movies.

  4. san k_u says


  5. Florelei Branzuela says

    I feel sad and lonely and this guy makes me feel happy. He is my stress reliever and i truly love him

  6. Elvie Pabalan says

    You're always in my prayer may God bless you always!!!

  7. Elvie Pabalan says

    He looks so humble and gentleman take care and may God bless

  8. Diksha Pandey says

    I loved his acting in millionaires first love, cloy and esp secret garden along with ha ji won the way they portrayed their role esp the role play after soul exchange which wasnt easy to be honest to act like your opposite gender 😊🙂 secret garden is one of the best korean drama acc to me it never gets boring ❤

  9. Odette Gonzalez says

    His smile and how calm he is… oh God🥺😭😍😍 1:29😭😍😍OMG IM WATCHING SECRET GARDEN RIGHT NOW! I KNEW HE WAS THE SINGER IN THE OST I could feel it🥺❤️❤️this is my second drama that I watch with him… I LOVE HIM❤️❤️ 7:56🥺😍

  10. chloe lin says

    he's never a bubbly guy but he's funny in a witty sorta mildly sarcastic way, love him

  11. Stephanie Canputri says

    Oppa hyun bin 😘 melted..

  12. Iff4h 1 says

    anyone know his other ost besides the man?

  13. Laila kamruzzahan panna says

    Smile with beautiful dimple. 💗

  14. Vincent Rock says

    Hyun Bin said…..We are close…!!!
    Oh …my….Ye jin….I love you first….

  15. Katherine Tagnipis says

    @7:56 Did anyone hear that cute and sexy laugh of him??? RIP replay button 😂

  16. ivymae geolagon says

    Soooo handsome hyun bin😊😍😍😍😍

  17. Jjaeni Star says

    I love him 😍

  18. Inna Gurl says

    how can he be so handsome & cute at the same time?? it so unfair! hahhaha

  19. Imeler Elejedo says

    Hyun Bin!!! 😍❤ Sending love from the Philippines 😘

  20. Carolyn T says

    That was really funny. hyun bin was so cool and charming.💓💓💓💓

  21. jasmine wood says

    Lol he said safe landing?

  22. Katyusha Wills says

    Such nice interview!!!😊

  23. P R says

    Everything he utters sounds so pleasing. His voice is like soft melting butter.

  24. elsie. cruztan says

    Love this guy ,good actor! keep the good work. Looking forward for more k drama and movies from you.


    Coisa linda esses dois juntos! Eles sao lindinhos, carismaticos, e atuam muito bem! No filme negociacao foi impressionante a atuacao de ambos.
    No início eu evitei assistir pelo fato do personagem de Hium Bin ser um criminoso, mas a imensurável química e a atuação estrondosa dos dois, fizeram-me assistir várias vezes.
    Eu agradeço o diretor pelo bom filme e pela sua sensibilidade de juntar os dois nesse filme.
    Amtes de "negociacao" assisti "pousando no amor", e atualmente anseio para ver esses dois novamente juntos. Enquanto isso eu fico repetindo seus filmes, coloco a legenda em ingles para aprender mais palavras em inglês. Depois, dessa maneira, vou me introduzir na língua coreana, que eu gostei muito.

  26. Pyng Lee says

    Love it when he chose Secret Garden over My Lovely Sam Soon and the precious friends he made. 10 years later SG is still unparalleled

  27. cool_alb est says

    So kind & amazing person, so sweet & full of modesty….. Hyun Bin simply perfect👍🏻👋🏻❤

  28. leilabie says

    Hyunbin my love❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣

  29. shellane dulay says


  30. lovemagicandroad says

    Ahhh, such a heartthrob! Oh my.

  31. Zidan dan Ziggy says


  32. Irish 04 says

    Captain Ri 😍💜 I miss you

  33. Chanty Chantzs says

    2:533:14 😂💕

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