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International Superstar Soccer Deluxe – ESP vs ITA


1 ESP vs 0 ITA – 1/2 Tiempo de 3 minutos.
Con perros de arbitros.

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  1. Glen Austin says

    Haha loved this game can't remember the dog either, I can remember Carlos valderramas big hair tho not sure which version it was.

  2. Miliano Sanches says

    Before it was pes 4 years old damn

  3. ASH for GAMES says

    why there is a dog ?!!!

  4. Virtual Soccer Game Show™ says

    0:26 = #Konami ya está burlando de los árbitros reemplazándolos con los perros ? lOl

  5. C.2 says

    The nostalgia is real!

  6. Grey Valentine says

    Why the hell is there a dog on the pitch!? Is it the ref? Mine didn't have that, wtf.

  7. aileen foley says

    i don't remember the dog???

  8. kila87kam says

    It's hard to think that this was mind blowing when I first played it! me and my dad would play this game every night for hours! I remember my mum saying things like "your always playing that game, you need to do this" to my dad, now apparently I need to stop playing fifa with my son so I can go cut the grass, walk the dog & hang a bloody shelf! in the circle of life

  9. al ubaldini says

    nunca me gusto los juegos de deportes , si acaso nba jam en snes

  10. محمد ااعراقي الراقي says

    كيف تتحملل

  11. J. S. says

    still one of the best soccer games ever

  12. dan mora says

    con perros como árbitros, así como en el mundial Brazil 2014 

  13. Gabriel Flores says

    Quisiera saber como hacer transparente el radar de los jugadores

  14. ebol08 says

    It's the referee in fact….

  15. matiascoloriver1 says

    Pes 2014 fifa 2014?? Btch Pease International superstar deluxe is the best!!

  16. Amer Emam says

    heeeey !! WTF there is a dog on the pitch !!!!

  17. Kunio Onizuka says

    My first football game, When I was young. 5555

  18. lonchomc says

    0:40 el perro tipico en las canchas

  19. Joe Back says

    buta el juego de mi niñes :') , con mi ermano eramos clasico en esto

  20. Mauro Martinez RP says

    :'( Me emocione , me acuerdo los grandes partidos que jugabamos cn mi primo

  21. Coco Lococo says

    Geiles Spiel yaoooooouuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  22. boosra says

    Shocking refereeing at 1:52

  23. Mauricio crimi says

    que recuerdos tan poca madre

  24. Paulo Arruzzo says

    ^, ^, v, v, «, », «, », B, A (using the 2nd controller)
    The dog is the referee!

  25. Marco Sacchi says

    those were the days…i spent a lot of time playing this game and then i went out to play football with my friends. it was the summer of '98!

  26. jukio junbe says

    mucho mejor que todos los pes y fifas

  27. Clerwer Belmont says

    0:47 ¿¡Que coño hace un perro ahí!? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, me lo acaban de contar y no me lo creía. XD

  28. AndrewDaniele87 says

    to turn the ref into a dog: at the start screen, press up/up/down/down/left/right/left/right/b/a/start (aka, the konami code) with the 2nd player controller.

  29. stiven vazques cardona says

    what the fuck dog's in the game ssshhhhiiitt

  30. Hanedan says

    No Foul ?!?

  31. camilito716 says

    Con el primer control los segundos antes que empiece el partido sino estoy mal. eso fue hace mas de 10 anios la verdad no recuerdo muy bien el momento exacto para que funcione

  32. Doctor Peralta says

    Guau!!:…..Guau……Fuck…..I said Fault

  33. maurizio683 says

    What does the narrator say?? He shits!? or He kicks???

  34. mazzza ツ says

    who let the dogs out who who who who???

  35. camilito716 says

    con el primer control antes de empezar el partido

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