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INTENSE 1v1 Basketball VS 6'9 College Hooper!


This was a close 1v1… Very intense… Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Hope you all are staying safe! Enjoy this 1v1 video… ???

  2. Richard Escobar says

    Bro you a real good ball player homie but tall dude sucks brah you should ve put him away easily no doubt stay up brah Richard Escobar from SS Tucson TMG TUCSON MAFIOSOS GANG afiliacion with the BLOODS B-up

  3. diasspeed says

    Why dont you guys shoot 3 pointers from the normal distance? This is ridiculous, shooting from so close and counting as 2 points. Even the tall guy was shooting too much, when he could just go inside for some low post moves and win easily.

  4. Clyde Drexler says

    Dude, you're 6'9, why shoot threes?

  5. TheProAmateur says

    Is he really 5’9”? He looks line he’s 5’6”

  6. HaveAtIT says

    Dude you're 6"9 take it inside.

  7. The Chronicles Of KarTeX says

    Tristán vs flight react

  8. pablo aguero says

    Mala selección de tiro, el pudo ganarte fácilmente si hubiera querido.

  9. ItsyaboyVic says

    Is no one going to talk about the click bait? I wanted to see him get dunked on ??

  10. willy le says

    sergio plays in a D2 school

  11. Landen Weathers says

    For a dude who's 6'9" he seems strangely unathletic and can only barely dunk and he doesn't use his obvious size advantage literally at all…first time I've seen that one

  12. zaka bak says

    Bro wtf is this!? 6'9 guy just shooting 3s and doesnt even post up once! I thought i would atleast see some dunks. The dude is fucking 6ft9

  13. Tony Khan says

    TJass play Dan The Laker Fan he says he invented basketball and beat the Great Kobe Bryant also claims hes the next Manu Ginobli nobody can hoop in Colton Ca without his permission!!

  14. Troy Saling says

    Easily could have won..blocked your tiny frame..or posted u up.

  15. Dean Anthony says

    what a waste of height boy

  16. DC7 - says

    He's way better than u actually

  17. Be Honest says

    Serge sucks shit

  18. Wolli says

    Why is the big guy always shooting from outside? Not the best strategy!

  19. artsandcraftsla says

    Let’s see what he can do. Barely jump and barely move ?. But he’s tall and a college hooper . Bwhaha

  20. Guero 916 says

    6’9 guy is ?

  21. Guero 916 says

    Why is he shooting the ball if he’s 6’9 playing against a PG

  22. Jay Torr says

    What college does he play? National College of sheep hurding? He is terrible

  23. Cesar Trillo says

    The truth is he's played this dude plenty of other times before once he felt confident he could beat him most of the time he recorded a 1v1 match.

    Yes did dude plays college BBall but he's a bench support player, if he was good he wouldn't play him 1v1 and record it


  24. DEMENTE says

    Again.. a BUNCH. Of dribbling & a whole LOT of head fakes smh

    Attack the rim more

  25. Bryce Buchanan says

    The tall guy is trash… he has no idea how to do post moves and he literally just shoots … this is very hard to watch ???

  26. Jason Quist says

    I am 6”8 and I never allow PGs to play comfortably with me… They always get soo gassed when they win, thats why if you come 1v1 you getting MURDERED!!!

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