INTENSE 1v1 Against 6'10 Pro Basketball Player!

This was the best 1v1 I’ve ever played…

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46 bình luận trong “INTENSE 1v1 Against 6'10 Pro Basketball Player!

  1. I got to say the tall guy wasn't even trying… he didn't try to steal the ball and he hardly even block. This was more like a training partner instead of a real 1 on 1.

  2. At first they were doing it tho, u notice when big man got rebounds he went back to line to check up at first… then all of a sudden they stopped doing it. Still a good vid tho

  3. Ones and Twos? WTF is that? The math says you should just shoot twos when they're worth twice as much. I played pick up with some Pros (Knicks and former Knicks). They play Ones only. Shoot from wherever you want but it's only worth one. That's the way it's done.

  4. I had respect for u den u switched the rules mid game u really area clown 6’10 dude would’ve beat u but u had to cheat u fucking bum n learn how to word titles it’s “looking to go pro” bitch

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