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Intelligent Agriculture Cotton Harvest Robot Machines Equipment


The Intelligent modern harvesting cotton Picking farming machines equipment technology in the world…

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  1. Frank Agrikingdom says

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    Please see our facebook about Case 620 cotton picker, dozens of 2017–2014 year, very good condition on sale. Thank you for your inquiry and welcome for communication. Frank.

  2. Veera bhadram Koyidala says


  3. Isdyne GADE CHABI says

    Bonjour comment allez vous ? Est-ce que la machine est disponible en stock ? Je voudrais m'en procurer.voici mon mail : isdynegadechabi@gmail.com où encore mon numéro WhatsApp +22995824205

  4. Foodfangirl says

    That is a really big cotton field.


    A lots of cotton bundle so amazing

  6. Future Baby says

    would be nice if you invented this in the 1800s 😒

  7. M M says

    But many machines are not good because the cotton will be expensive and doesn't have a competitive price

  8. M M says

    Thank you fors sharing,where is this farm?

  9. JHussey97 says

    would be nice if you didn't steal other peoples footage!

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