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Install GBA Emulator on iPhone (iOS 13) | Play GameBoy/GBA Games on iPhone!


How to Play Gameboy & GBA Games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch iOS 13 – 13.5 (No Computer, No Jailbreak) | Install GBA Emulator on iOS 13 (2020)

In this tutorial, we show how to play GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 13 – 13.5 (or iOS 12). This means you will be able to play old school Pokemon on iPhone, Zelda and any other GBA game. The best part? This does NOT require a computer or a jailbreak!


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Did you get the GBA emulator on your iPhone on iOS 13? Are you playing Pokemon, or a different game?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Favorite GBA game of all time?

    PS: New Jailbreak Tweaks video coming soon ?

  2. Flute_Boi says

    No audio is a horrible feature

  3. Jaser Azcona says

    i already had pokémon gold on an other emulator and when i download it to this one it works but when i try a gameboy advance game it doesn’t work

  4. OMG OMG says

    Nintendo 64 ??? Place ?????

  5. Taylor Lemons says

    Hello friends I could really use some help. I’ve download the eclipse app. And google drive. Once I’ve downloaded the games. I open google drive and it says unsupportive file type and I can’t get the games in eclipse. I would really love a little help on what to do next. I’ve been stuck on it for 2 days now with multiple Pokémon games. I’m only a gen 1 guy. It’s the only games I’ve played, but I’m 31 and single, and I’d love some nostalgia in my life and I’d really like to play a few other gen games. So can someone please help me out. My iPhone is fully updated. And it’s the iPhone XR. Idk if that helps, I’m not very tech savvy. So please internet help! :] thank you in advance

  6. TGrocky says

    Fast forward won’t work

  7. Sam Koffler says

    Can’t sign in to google drive account, won’t let me even get to the screen to type it in.

  8. A.d. Kuzhan says

    Anyone else having lag issues. The game is really slow and laggy

  9. A.d. Kuzhan says

    Everything worked out i can play the game. Even though it's less fun without audio that's not the main issue i'm having, the game (Emerald) is really laggy and slow and the control buttons are bad and unresponsive. Is there something i can do about this? (Iphone 7 btw) All in all it's just not enjoyable.

  10. Akif Demirturk ツ says

    Thanks so much dude

  11. 国士舘館長 says

    NO BGM….

  12. Geoffrey Colard-claudy says

    Pourquoi il n’y a pas de son ?
    Why don’t have audio ?

  13. Geoffrey Colard-claudy says

    Ça ne marche pas…

  14. Dude Amazing says

    Could’ve just mentioned no-audio at the beginning of the video :/

  15. Jayden Niezgoda says

    Can you add cheats?

  16. Joke FN says

    How come sound doesn’t work

  17. Alison Holder says

    I’m doing it right now and am downloading ruby, but it has been on the downloading screen for a while. Any Help? Hoping it won’t take a while to download…

  18. Rusty Hawke says

    hey can you also do gameshark codes

  19. Asian Ivanov says

    The stupid thing on the emulator is when you are in the end of the game you have to play all levels and etc. to go to your level which is VERY stupid… if im wrong please tell me!Fun fact:When i played Bratz diamonds in the begining i was playing 1 or 2 minutes and it said Game boy nintendo like when you have the console and switch on but i think this is normal for gba on iphone

  20. TGrocky says

    So is this forever it won’t get revoked?

  21. Korey Maloney says

    At 3:10 he talks about needing the gba file no the zip file but only the zip file shows up for me, anyone know how to fix it?

  22. EnVi_Aster says

    How do I fix the frozen game boy screen

  23. Bryan Bravo says

    Is this safe to use have this link to your gmail account? I only ask because I'm sure tons of people have important data on there gmail accounts

  24. Ben Hakim says

    When I get ready to play it just gives me a white screen. Any help?

  25. jd says


  26. Carl Jeremiah Levardo says

    Can it be accesed ofline?

  27. Mike Hawk says

    Thank you so much

  28. _.Izuku._ says

    Can we use ds roms?

  29. Hydra Official says

    Is there really no way you can get sounds?

  30. Khloe Rabnta says

    This don’t work

  31. Mr Unknown says

    Buttons on GBC not functioning???

  32. unexpected uni says

    Will this give you a virus

  33. venom shake says

    while playing offline will your save storage still be intact?

  34. Jagger Loco says

    So I can only play GameBoy games I can’t play super Nintendo, or Nintendo or anything else.

  35. Jack Rogers says

    @brandonbutch my download games won’t show up on my flies in eclipse. What do I do?

  36. Spencer Fox says

    Can you do cheats in this emulator?

  37. Jionni Ivy says

    Is it possible to add game shark codes to them?

  38. Clement Ming says

    How do I enable cheats ?

  39. Joachy x3 says

    I can’t duplicate or idk what, platinum and others game, i just can do to emeraude


  40. landon says

    i have the 11 and it’s so glitchy for me i can’t play it

  41. Rosvik says

    Games doesn’t show on my google disk in emulator app

  42. Lhen Lorenzo says

    hi just want to ask if i can play 3ds pokemon on this emulator on my iphone?

  43. The Great Skink Priest says

    ROMs won’t download on my iPad. I’m running the newest version of ios13 and my WiFi is working fine but the ROMs won’t download.

  44. 4aceofspades101 says

    Does any one know why I can’t get a .gba file I have the zip but not the gba file

  45. Puro OVA says

    Tysm dude! I love it!

  46. ꧁VexingEarth꧂ says

    The only bad thing about this is that drains battery like crazy

  47. ꧁VexingEarth꧂ says

    Worst thing about this is that it drains battery

  48. Frédéric Chopin says

    So this one needs internet?

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