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INSIDE VIEW | The offering of Messi's Ballon d'Or


The Argentine showed off the title of best player in the world, the sixth of his career, before the game against Mallorca
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  1. Sebastián Alí López says

    Omg rkrps

  2. Yogesh Durga says

    Mateo messi ❤❤

  3. RAJESH NANI says

    Song name

  4. Nikita Roy says

    What's the name of the song? Anyone

  5. Je suis buzz l'éclair l'asmrartiste says

    What's the song pls ?

  6. محمد الزعبي says


  7. ALI AMEER says

    In future when Thiago messi become great footballer then messi will give him Ballon dor like that

  8. Abhijit Mukherjee says

    Mateo is so cute

  9. Artemis Tsara says

    I love Mateo Messi ????

  10. Claudia Möllendorff says

    Messi deine Kinder sind so so so so so so so süß vor allem der Ferien

  11. Vijay wakle says

    What they drink ? In that coconut type shell

  12. Abdullah Al Saife says

    Love you koliza…Messir moto kheloyar hoi nh…

  13. ブルードア says


  14. Aachal Poudel says

    Mateo is extraordinary ????????❤????????

  15. Leo Gomez says


  16. top ten everything says


  17. Marija Maksimovic says


  18. Eyad Al Lababidy says


  19. BLUEN_ 777 says


  20. Marcel Moreira Produções says

    que momento magico

  21. bad lion says

    Messi Messi Messi Messi

  22. Matthew Webster says

    messi the goat

  23. Iracema De Sousa Silva says


  24. Kamron Rajabiy says

    Messi has the coconut water like always ???????????????? he always has it

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