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Insanely Good Japanese Gamer Playing Pop'n Music Next to Unskilled Foreigner


While we were at the arcade in Fukuoka, Japan, we were awe struck by a local Japanese gamer (read: nerd) playing Pop’n Music next to us. While I could only pathetically attempt the 5 button game on “enjoy” mode, he was busy dominating the nine button mode. Laugh as the camera pans from the good nerd, to the bad nerd.

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  1. Nyamooni says

    I am the foreigner

  2. BloodWarXXI says

    I saw the Japanese guy…then the next guy over…oh dear.

  3. KingSullification says

    Hes got THE glove.

  4. RyuHirakashi1 says

    I miss playing pop'n music! 🙁 Thanks a fucking lot konami for fucking all of us outside of Japan!

  5. Lady Arwen says

    well for us hard is hard for japanesse hard is EASY XD

  6. sidvic1ous says

    If I had a business, in need of any person that can handle stress…I would hire him !

  7. WarioNX! says

    that japanese = panic mode engage

  8. shaman omk says

    yup i agree

  9. foxao says

    I think is pretty normal… For a Japanese…

  10. lilo2399 says

    oh wtf O.O

  11. attara Draco says

    I kind of just wanted to watch the other guy.

  12. GuyFactionArts says


  13. Posdrums3 says

    Unskilled foreigner brought his girlfriend.

  14. Kaji9001 says

    and then right next the popn music guy is an asian guy going ham on ddr.

  15. Tony Gaiden says

    There is two kind of Asians

  16. A H says

    Supaa Sugoi Japanese Otaku Playing Pop'n Music Next to Baka Gaijin

  17. thundercracker82 says

    Michael Jackson eat your heart out…oh wait he's dead.

  18. Brutusbeefking says

    feel the mumbo dumbo

  19. DingoYabuki says

    Wow, that's crazy! I don't think I'll be as hardcore as you since I only play it every now and then, but that's quite interesting xD

  20. RyuHirakashi1 says

    I progressed in difficulty blocks. I had to overcome difficulty barriers before I could really progress. say 18,then 26,then 32,36, 37, then 39. Then my progression came to screeching halt at 40. I have a weak left hand so I really struggled with beating 39s. I ate,slept, and shit pop'n music. That's the only way you get good enough for high level charts. If I couldn't understand something, I used training mode. I will never underestimate how much work it took. EVER!!!!

  21. DingoYabuki says

    How do you people do it? >_> My limit is 30. Anything beyond that is just insane to me Dx

  22. RyuHirakashi1 says

    Also, as the charts get tougher, you essentially adopt a play style that's very similar to IIDX's. I tried playing IIDX, but it was harder for me to pick it up. Pop'n music came a lot easier. It helps when you have you're game and controller. I spent $600 in total buying everything and it was worth every cent.

    As far as the difficulty question, IIDX far more technical than pop'n music. Pop'n music on the other hand has inhumane note charts for everything 40-43 I practiced A LOT!

  23. RyuHirakashi1 says

    Pop'n music is most certainly difficult. Everything pass level 40s are just bloody bonkers. I used to scratch my head at how people could pass say any classic song. Especially classic 8 which was a 43. IIDX another charts and fourteen key is only meant for pianist> iidx has got to be the hardest music game on the planet> imho> i'm completely mind fucked at how those guys can play those charts and AAA them!

  24. CarmenOfSpades says

    Is Pop'n harder than IIDX? I've been playing IIDX for six plus months on and off now… I am starting to pass level 7s now (slow learner)… but when I see Pop'n it seems much more difficult, as you the space you need to cover with your hands is quite larger… (I've never seen a Pop'n machine in any arcade here and I only have the small console controller that Konami sent out)

  25. RyuHirakashi1 says

    I used to be really good a pop'n music. Plenty of us here in the US imported pop'n music a few years back. Hell, I was easily as good as the guy with the gloves. You can easily tell a beginner from an expert. I was at the point of getting gloves myself because of how my controller was bruising the middle part of my fingers and leaving them sore. I was able to play a 40 or two when I stopped playing 4 years ago.

  26. Sara Valestein says

    That guy is just an average player, you wouldn't be able to easily tell the difference between the actual nerds and the average players.

  27. Fr0sty Universe says

    Try hard

  28. Amber Whitfield says

    he brought his own power glove!!!

  29. MrGaleor says

    the guy up close if u look at his lip u can see his manhood dying(competive wise lol)

  30. jimmicrackhead12 says

    thanks Max

  31. THEGREATMAX says

    Thas racist

  32. EndlessFunctionality says

    Damn japan has some shitty music artitsts, but so does muuuurica

  33. -PaulYang2- says

    the left one play normal 😛

  34. NovaNoStudio says

    You know that serious shit goes down when he brings the glove

  35. (NOT) Another VFX Channel says


  36. TheSonicfanx1 says

    LOL!!! KAMEN RIDER DEN-O'S THEME (Foreigner)

  37. Bird L says

    that's not how it works….lol.

  38. jimmicrackhead12 says

    If its a rhythm and speed game, imagine how good a black guy would be? Pop'n Music had RnB doesn't it?

  39. RSGod CraftRiot says

    He's humping it…

  40. TrigunTAS says

    oh Den-O……why were you so popular!? lol but we still love you

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