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Insane New College Football Mod — Play With EVERY College Team || Madden 20


Check out the D-105 Mod here:


C4 is the originator of the Realistic Rebuild on YouTube and we’ve been making Madden 20 Rebuilds, Madden 20 Realistic Rebuilds and Madden 20 Franchise Mode videos all year long with realism a key. With a few Madden Experiments sprinkled in, I hope if you enjoyed you’ll leave a LIKE and Subscribe to my channel.
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  1. PXB Gaming says

    i need help with the franchise

  2. Dafanny678 says

    Yes I can confirm TCU did where those jerseys against Texas and won! They also look pretty good in real life in my opinion

  3. Simeon Watson says

    TCU actually where’s those jerseys

  4. Jason Villanueva says

    Romans 10:9
    New International Version
    9 If you declare(A) with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,”(B) and believe(C) in your heart that God raised him from the dead,(D) you will be saved.

  5. cole schubert says

    Check out madden gameplay revival mod and start today.

  6. Christian and Preston says

    Eastern Michigan

  7. Jake Gauthier says

    No UL Lafayette 😭

  8. Rona Season says

    NCAA 11 intro was sick

  9. Vanessa Letson says

    How do you get the mod

  10. Nathaniel Gomez says

    do a tournament video where all the all time teams play in it @c4

  11. William Richardson says

    smh u skip over maryland alot

  12. Tennessee Titans says

    How can we get this

  13. Mr. No Shadow says

    Last chance U🤣🤣🤣 that would be pretty dope to see little Laney on there👍🏾✌🏾

  14. The Gift! says

    Someone need to make historic team mod that would be dope

  15. The Gift! says

    They need mod the audio from ncaa 14 to make it really feel like college football and the crowd noise because without dat it feels bland

  16. Zack Robinson says

    Thanks for the ok state shoutout

  17. Chad Nichols says

    BRING BACK NCAA FOOTBALL. If you and the rest of the YouTubers were able to get EA to change Madden image what would happen if you got together and said not to buy Madden until they decide to bring back NCAA football! Just saying it seems to me that Madden franchise mode was its best when NCAA football was around. Hit them in the wallet and they will make things happen. Plus it’s more content for you to put up with another football game on the market. Please make this happen!!!!

  18. SteveyKnicks says

    Awesome! Florida and Oregon were already in Madden though. Wish he would've shown us other teams

  19. DJII says

    This looks great

  20. Andrew Shawley says

    please watch your videos back before uploading them… that audio at the start man…

  21. chc_bear says

    A few questions (you might be able to answer): 1. Is this mod just for play now games, or can you do a franchise with it? 2. If you can do a franchise, does it limit it to 32 teams? 3. If you can do a franchise, are there current real-life rosters and recruiting classes? Thank you for showing us this, it looks really cool!

  22. Magma Gators says

    Go Gators

  23. Kyle Farley says

    Can you play with asu they have great alternative jerseys

  24. Torey D says

    If madden can actually make it where u only wear half socks and show leg that shit would be dope in Madden

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