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  1. Well I went to watch this match, glad that someone has uploaded this video. I was very small 11 years old. Went with my whole family, we were around 20-25 people. Hrithik was very famous at that time.
    I remember few incidents like 1) Anupam Kher bowled Sanjay Dutt thrice but he was called back again and again by Govinda and Anupam Kher himself to bat 2) Shekher Suman was so afraid of catching the ball on boundary. 3) Anil Kapoor clearly could see he was so much hairy because of that loose t-shirt ? 4) Sachin Tendulkar scored somewhere around 84-86 runs and Kapil Dev I think scored 50 runs, from bollywood Akshay Kumar made 34 runs.

    I was so young that time didn't know the stand names but clearly remember that it as per the structure of new Wankhede stadium it was a mid-wicket region, if that was still a Sachin Tendulkar stand in old Wankhede then it's Sachin Tendulkar stand which we were sitting at.

    Nice memories though, Thanks uploader and YouTube for uploading this video.

  2. I think that more of these types of friendly cricket matches should be arranged between filmstars and cricketers to like say raise funds for the poor and needy people

  3. अक्षय कुमार जैसे बल्लेबाजों को हम जबर्दस्ती रिटायर कर देते थे ???

  4. Kya jamana tha yar, sare desh ke superstar (cricket & movie) ko ek saat dekha.. Pure desk ke TV pe yeh hei khel chal raha tha. Joo bhi TV channel kholo, yehi khel tha.

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