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India vs Pakistan 3rd ODI 2006 Hutch Cup Cricket Highlights


India vs Pakistan 3rd ODI 2006 Hutch Cup Cricket Highlights

Ind vs Pak 3rd Match Hutch Cup

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  1. Sanku Das says

    Love you Dhoni???

  2. Zuber Ahmed says

    ms dhoni ????

  3. Assassin Rage says

    Dhoni ?

  4. Mallesh Chaudhary says

    Bakchodi ki bhi hadd hoti h…test me thik pr one day me irfan ko 3 no. pr khilana!! all credit goes to greg chappell.

  5. SADHAN S says


  6. Shanthi Priya says

    I miss you yuvi?

  7. Леонид Стряпунин says


  8. Hajarilal Singh says

    Found another new channel to watch best of the cricketing actions #BestofCricket.

  9. Sathya Prabhu says

    Yuvi best betsman at 4th…

  10. Smart Dude says

    Still Pakistan won 73 and bharat raand 55. Bharat raand is our rakheel ??????


    Bhai video kaha se lete ho copyright nahi aati

  12. Vishal Sahu says


  13. Inus Salmani says


  14. kids video uploading channel says

    My super criketar dhoni??

  15. Frecher Dachs says

    … muss man Ball fangen, dass der Schlagmann ausscheidet? … müssen alle 3 Stöckchen (Wickets?) umfallen, um einen Punkt zu machen? … und was ist, wenn Batsman nicht den Ball trifft und der Bowler nicht die Stöckchen trifft und der Ball vom Spielfeld rollt? … wieso ist ein weiterer Batsman auf dem Feld (der ja nicht schlagen darf)? … und wann scheidet der Bowler aus? … und wann ist das Spiel beendet, wenn alle Batsman und Bowler ausgeschieden sind? Das Spiel kann doch Tage dauern! … Fragen über Fragen … dürfte ein interessantes Spiel seien wenn man sich auskennt

  16. Ibrahim Mp says

    lanat indir bhen chodo

  17. Pavan ommi says

    The legend of cricket yuvi?

  18. Pavan ommi says


  19. Narendra Singhaniya says

    जय हिन्द जय भारत वंदेमातरम जय

  20. Rahul Yadhav says


  21. Pewdie Pie says

    Irfan Pathan is an extraordinary talent wasted. Not given proper support. Such a shame on ms dhoni.

  22. RAHUL KUMAR says

    Ye sab match dekhne me maza aata tha,,,avi ka match or pahle ka match me bahut farq h

  23. Krishna Verma says

    Ms yuvi solid duo of Indian cricket

  24. Laxmappa Appa says


  25. Kunaldeep Singh says

    Incredible Cricket. Incredible matches. Between 2004 and 2007

  26. Shabir Khan Yousafzai says

    IND in Pak

    Hum ny kuch nahi sekha is dour say jab k IND kitna agay giya is k baad aur hum pechay reh gaye

  27. Shabir Khan Yousafzai says

    Kya batting thi Pak k pas is waqt 6,7 out b ho jaye tab b finish acha hua karta tha Pak ka

  28. Rosa Naga says

    Pakistan can't defeat Indian I think

  29. chetia666 says

    Aamir Sohail , when he was commenting on Dhoni being promoted to 1st down ''maybe there is a Shahid Afridi element in there' and he went on to score 148 and since then there has been no comparison between. Literally and figuratively

  30. MAKARAND KINI says

    That was the real Msd.

  31. Bablu kumar says


  32. kingvk Ronaldo. says

    Behecnchod Pakistan ko is Series mein kutta ker tarh Harya..unke home mein madharchod. 4-1..

  33. Saurav Sarkar says

    18:38 if pakistan ki maa ka bhosda had a face????

  34. Aditi Bandal says

    India ??

  35. Aditi Bandal says


  36. Abdul Halepotra says

    Irfan ko out kiya kya ball dali

  37. sairam malempati says

    Why that fucking logo on left side top

  38. vishal das says

    Afridi lapedu, saala bat pe laga to sahi nai to fail. Batting me 17 ka average.


    still remeber this match..
    i cry after this match..

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