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India vs Pakistan 1st ODI Match Samsung Cup 2004 – Cricket Highlights


India vs Pakistan 1st ODI Match Samsung Cup 2004 – Cricket Highlights

Ind vs Pak 1st Match Samsung Cup 2004

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  1. Anwar Siddiqui says

    India is the best

  2. Madhu who knows we are known says

    Pakistan their cricket build up nott tolrate even world countries now what happened now imrankhan show let's see how

  3. Madhu who knows we are known says

    Zack very good bowler

  4. arvind ranganathan says

    Turning point of the match is kaif's excellent catch.

  5. Shaikh Inayat says

    I remember this match my childhood time me apne nani ke ghar colour krte waqt ye match dekh raha tha ?? sweet memories I miss all time this indian team ???

  6. Rittik Chakraborty says

    team dada was the best

  7. Rodger Sebastian says

    Indian fielding a shitshow back then

  8. Maaz Khan says

    India has best batsmans in the would love from Pakistan❤.

  9. RAJ3SH J says

    Sehwag is an engine, he kept on produce runs till the engine is on….

  10. Naveen Kumar says

    Kaif's catch was listed in some catches video and I immediately came here to watch full match highlights…!

  11. Shinu Nayarukandi says


  12. vipul kaushal says

    Moin Khan spilled it all

  13. vipul kaushal says

    This is one of the Greatest matches in history.

  14. arigela manohar says

    A.sri ram

  15. Thegamer89 Bond says

    This was such a Trilling Cricket Match between both these teams!!

  16. shoun ansari says

    kaif catch win

  17. Bharat mehra Bharat says

    Ess barr phir tatti ho gye Pakistan?? ke players se ground pe… Abb uthanee Pakistani fanns ko padegeey..

  18. Jenson Jen Jacob says

    It was 5 days 5 odi.. i didnt go to skool those 5 days…

  19. Rupa Rao says

    Good fight pakistan. Best wishes.

  20. Rupa Rao says

    Dravid too;Good.and aggressive.best.wishes.

  21. Lovely chahal says

    jo pakistan wale itni no ball krte the. ye sab spot fixing thi.. jiska bad me pta chla k esa bhi hota hai…jb amir aaif pkde gye

  22. Narsing Mantri says

    What a game

  23. CIELO AZUL says

    love & thik that was the best seris. Childhood memory. And still watching

  24. RAJ RISHI says

    Who got mom ?

  25. mai sieben says

    Miss those days

  26. Gohan ! says

    It was a huge moment because first time after kargil india toured pakistàn thats why many Pakistani's showing love towards indian batting as well

  27. Gohan ! says

    Pakistan mein bhi airtel or bsnl chlta tha kya pehle boht boards dikh rahe hain stadium mein

  28. sreerajs ekm says

    സേവാഗ് വെടിക്കെട്ട്

  29. Muhammad Asad says

    Nana navaid opposition best player.

  30. sandeep source says

    Naved ka to chmda paad liya

  31. Vijay Kho says

    What a starting….

  32. Sonu Lohat says

    All praise for Inzi bhai

  33. Amutha Mohanraj says

    Like zaheer khan, kaif

  34. Ajay Mondal says

    বাংলা ভাষী কেউ এখানে আছেন। সৌরভ গাঙ্গুলি র জন্য একটা লাইক হয়ে যাক

  35. Zach Za says

    Sehwag and Tendulkar are both responsible for soooo many broken TVs ? in Pakistan ????

  36. Nitin B says

    Kaif won the match with his catch

  37. Pradeep SS says

    142 runs at 14.2 overs when Veeru dismissed. Imagine if he played another 10-15 overs. Veeru thing???

  38. Rehman Ishaak says

    Great match thanks a lot !!

  39. PAPA RANJEET says

    18:20 cartoon javed miandad ??

  40. anam shah says

    Had viru continued it would have been 450 runs

  41. anam shah says

    14 overs 142. What a start

  42. Amir Zahidi says

    The greatest contest.

  43. madhur goel says

    I watched this live. And when run rate was 9.50 per over. India's projections were showing 420, 450 Nd 484 ! Never thought, it would be possible. But time flies

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