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Impossible Saves


? Impossible Saves ⚽?


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  1. chiIdplease says

    2:354:33 wheres this music/beat/tune from?

  2. edet effiong says


  3. Ethan T says

    My favorite part was when the keeper saved the shot

  4. Turkish Protector says

    1:52 nice save de gea

  5. Tutoriales de chamamé says

    0:16 Martinez filtrando con Pratto

  6. Elliot Sof says

    0:18 ? I’m from the netherlands

  7. Sexy Girl says


  8. Christopher Jean says

    I am a ster stegan fan so pls don't hate me ?

  9. Dayane Leite says

    Estamos falando de "Defesas Incríveis", e você colocam cássio, e ainda mais essa defesa dele, PIADA MESMO, eu faria essa defesa que ele fez de olhos vendados.

  10. Football Barcelona Mule says

    The best was Marc Andre Ter Stegen

  11. Bacchus LAX says

    Keeps are the generals of the field.

  12. Orhan açıkgöz says

    Claudio TAFFAREL – Galatasaray. 2000 UEFA Cup Final ( Galatasaray – Arsenal)

  13. 725s are fun says

    I'm a goalkeeper myself for my school and I am very familiar with being blamed when the opposing team scores

  14. Horváth Márkusz says

    When a team wins 10-0 they praise the goalscorers, but when the team lose 1-0 they blame the goalkeeper

  15. Oriol Curto says

    Ooo que paradasbro buen video


    Из за фото тер штегена зашёл туда больше никому

  17. Rei Quejão says

    1:41 cassião 20 metros de altura

  18. Turco says

    0:55 El mejor arquero de América. Franco Armani

  19. Levani Nachkebia says

    4:16 super save

  20. Innes Penman says

    Who is 0:32

  21. Manuel Mesquita says

    How you can miss Casillas clutch save vs Sporting?

  22. Prasanna says

    Last one was not impossible, he just chose to do it like that. Skills ?

  23. yan krungtep says
  24. hritik pawar says

    De Gea is Prime Casillas when he plays for Man U

  25. Eggmanjames says

    Love how there’s no Gordon banks vs pele

  26. daniely78uyt says

    el arquero de nuestra colombia es un crark

  27. Jorge Naranjo says

    Faltaram as defesas de Rodolfo Rodriguez, goleiro uruguaio

  28. THE RICH 90 says

    THE RICH 90

  29. Sher-E-Punjab TV says

    https://youtu.be/ggOTIKY2l6g best goal in india subscribe channel

  30. Sabiq Hasan says

    this so much better than watching a goal

  31. md amin says

    neymar best skill vdieo

    watch it: https://youtu.be/0UOuGo8bCt0

  32. SEM-DOMINIO says

    Great Video and all good and beautiful safes..but there is this one missing "Rui Patricio vs France (N) Euro 2016 10/07/2016 HD"

  33. Yunus Xayitov says

    ochig'ini aytsam gappp yuuuu

  34. Footballtime says

    Please. Watching my channel Klik: https://youtu.be/5U4wRZETmg4

  35. leoe souzza says

    tirando as do cassio as outras realmente foram boas!

  36. Fischer Wkdbeh says

    Just remember goalie is the hardest position in all sports

  37. Fitriani Wulandari says

    Music ost God Father

  38. again again says
  40. ABR Horizon says

    Goalkeepers on fifa that are 51 rated sometimes makes saves like this how?

  41. ABR Horizon says

    Goalkeepers are underrated one save in a penalty shoutout or match could be the difference between champions or losers!

  42. Majeed Kataria says

    Last one is incredible

  43. Robert Lewandowski says

    05:37 Kinda cool save, but not a good one

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