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I'm Healthy By Default | Gabriel Iglesias


Happy World Health Day!

#World Health Day

Hang out with Fluffy on the web:

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  1. 2neilas says

    ???! OmL.

  2. Danny Devito says

    The 603 down votes are all morbidly obese

  3. Yaboku says

    Im crying bro???? I CANT STOP WHEEZING

  4. Ryan Sicari says

    There's a ad from gold's gym under my screen right now! LOL!

  5. Cindy Eckles says


  6. MysticDragonWolf says

    Had a flight like that….two big guys….I’m a 5’5 155 pound guy….window seat…

    I was tempted to get a new seat.

    But I thought 2.5 hour flight. I got this.

    Guys elbow in my side entire flight. That’s him trying to make room for me. Due to his girth that was all he could do.

    Thankfully I made the flight better for both of us.

    I got out my laptop and put on anime.

    He was into A very scientific railgun, the anime I happened to put on.

    We watch anime the whole flight.

    After the flight he apologized for his elbow and he insisted to get me breakfast.

    We parted as friendly strangers

  7. Puffin - One Handed Gamer says

    sounds like Jabba the hutt 😛

  8. 69Miles says

    Can I just say how he does the #worldhealthday in the description?

  9. Angela Samells says

    Yeah, getting told you are morbid anything would hurt.

  10. Jon See says

    Bro, fluffy is so talented that when he made a dinosaur sound into the mic the subtitles said (music)

  11. hawkinszeg says

    What special was this

  12. Karen Louise Ward says

    So funny and talented. I love his voices.

  13. LANA dP says


  14. Cza Fuentes says

    … Walk in dr now…

  15. Angel Does gacha says

    Anyone notice that his thumbnails have a beard and the actual vid has no beard and no beard has a beard

  16. Captain Rex says

    1:47 Me “ SHIT ITS MR BUBBLES”
    Little sister “Look daddy big angels”

  17. saber athena the most powerful says

    Pacific rim… he mentioned it… YEEEEHHHAAAAAWWWW!!!!

  18. Rocio Romero says

    Can you beatbox?

  19. Potato chip Money says

    i love watching these before my work outs it makes me fell fit


    That's level 5

  21. wyatt hembree says

    bro i thought at one point he was gonna be like "han solo"

  22. Dio Brando says

    The camera angles were perfect.

  23. rickynotplayin says

    funny as hell

  24. Blacc Balls says

    Who else watching this with their junk hanging out after being to lazy to put it back after watching porn

  25. Jinx says

    Am i the only one who thought of jabba the hut?

  26. Karen Ritter says


  27. Iam So cool says

    Why does he keep reposting I’ve seen all of these a year ago

  28. Alexandra Delliou says

    2020: 2779

  29. sterling beckwith says

    The day he discovered what DAMN!!! Was

  30. MasterSproutGamer says

    Fluffy: Um, right spot?
    Receptionist: Yes sir, you're in the right location.
    Fluffy: Can I ask you something?
    Receptionist: Absolutely.
    Fluffy: Why does it say "Center for the Morbidly Obese" on the door?
    Receptionist: The doctors prefer it that way.
    Fluffy: Why don't you have that on the card?
    Receptionist: 'Cause then you won't come in. First time?
    Fluffy: Yeah, first time.
    Receptionist: Please take this clipboard and have a seat. They'll call you in a few minutes.

    Receptionist: Are you here for the 8:30?
    Jabba the Hutt: Yes, I am. This is my first time here.
    Receptionist: Is this your first time here?
    Jabba the Hutt: Yes, but I have a question. Why does it say "Center for the Morbidly Obese" on the door?
    Receptionist: Because the doctors prefer it that way.
    Jabba the Hutt: Well then, why don't you have that on the card?

    Receptionist: 'Cause then you won't come in! Oh god. Take this clipboard and have a seat. They'll call you in a few minutes.

  31. Jon Munoz27 says

    Gabriel's met jabba the hut.

  32. Muhammad Usama says

    Which Show Is It From? Can I Watch The Full Show Somewhere?

  33. Ayaan Karbhari says


  34. Kishor Moily says

    U r the best

  35. Vина says

    "Center For The Extremly Malnourished"

  36. mexchopper says


  37. Alicia Mejia says


  38. Charles Triplett says

    I guess it’s the center for Kaiju.

  39. Umbra says

    Oh my god YOUR morbid. Lmao underrated joke

  40. SalaComMander says

    I feel like this is the third time this video has been uploaded this week

  41. misolou fout says

    Fluffy's girl voice is hilarious.

  42. Qajiea Auvelagne Caliyo says

    Sounds like Olaf ??

  43. bodoti qwiu says

    Fluffy's girl voice is hilarious.

  44. Dennis Barber says

    I've never laughed so hard!!!!????? This one's the best story.?

  45. likey says

    please thats how i feel everytime i see someone bigger than me ??

  46. Matthew Logan says

    This dudes a clown no bitchs the dude sucks a comedian

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