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Illegally Downloading Music


*sniff* *sniff* I can smell crime with my sniffers

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Napster Documentary ‘Downloaded’ | Part One

Headline News – on the Original Napster & Copyright Laws – early 2000!

Court Orders Napster Shutdown

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  1. NakeyJakey says
  2. Wll.m 04 says

    Does anyone know what song that is at the end…

  3. Kelsey Drummond says

    How many pride and prejudice references are you going to use?
    Not complaining, I'm actually obsessed.

  4. Red says

    This still has the best lines out of any Jakey video, you really knocked it out of the park with this one, dog bless, I come back every day Mr. Jakeyton

  5. Caio Rezei says

    I'm Brazilian and I've actually grew using LimeWire and eventually 4shared. It actually reached that far. BTW, you've got NO IDEA how many viruses I downloaded. God, I was stupid.

  6. Kyle Schneider says

    “i used the limewire to download the limewire”

  7. TheAnanaki says

    Limewire + Mac meant at least having to not worry about all the different "wares" out theres

  8. Chaz Royalty says

    Why am I kinda weirded out that baby jakey didn’t have a beard

  9. The Dopester says

    Just the two of us

  10. Дави Силваз says

    I wouldn't definitely download a car because it is a scarce resource and not an information that's what a music is and all that you said it's just bullshit, it I perfectly possible to download good quality music for free in the internet you only need to go in the right sites

    P.S: there's no such a thing as intellectual property since the concept of property comes from scarcity and music and movies, for example, are just information that is not something that is scarce

  11. Marc Foster says

    if it hadn't been for Limewire, I had never gotten all the free stuff on 'ifreeclub'…

  12. GKdunch says

    lars is angry

  13. James Lamb says

    Dude this is my 2nd video of you and It had me dying. Awesome stuff man keep it up

  14. sovanbu says

    Really enjoyed this video!

  15. WARPD Klic says

    I always find myself coming back to this video.

  16. Andrew Spud says

    I used eMule.

  17. R3FLEX Twitch says

    I watched the merch part hilarious

  18. NoahC says

    This video is absolutely the definition of quality content. Amazing job as always, my man.

  19. Laura Dingman says

    i see you with that beautiful disaster reference

  20. Laura Dingman says

    rip napster, 19th anniversary of it's death today

  21. Slinger Marshall says

    why was the ad funnier than the video?

  22. Frank Viera says


  23. TMHonfire102 says

    Bro, your videos at 10/10 pure epicness. I subbed for the LULZ

  24. Jonathan O’Leary says

    I have Napster

  25. Tyler Jordan says

    Ah the early 2000s anti pirating commercial.. Brings back memories

  26. Dead Alewives says

    It's kind of funny how the music industry lambasted programs like Limewire or Kazaa (the one I used the most back in my high school days) for ruining their business when I actually discovered quite a bit of artists through these programs and wound up buying MANY physical copies of their albums and even some merchandise from the bands' websites.

  27. Wolf says
  28. Edasse200 says

    Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich

  29. Stumme-40203 says

    I remember my mom using kick-ass torrents to download red hot chillin peppers on my psp.

  30. DAS says

    Now we can pirate cars thanks to Tesla's and BMW initiatives. Go dem.

  31. Alexander Timmins says

    Someone did download a car

  32. Johni Kruger says


  33. Luckysury 333 says

    Me Then : Turn On Voice Recorder and put my phone near the Speaker
    Me Now : Youtube to MP3 Convertor Gang

  34. Mariano Campajola says

    I'll download your video and p2p with everyone! muahahahah

  35. Particlepants says

    Ok I discovered you because of your music but it turns out you're also hilarious, seriously dude you are so talented I'm jealous.

  36. Jace Taylor says

    He reminds me of Dane cook

  37. Chosenxeno says

    Meanwhile, I was using AudioGalaxy:)

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