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IG vs TES Highlights Game 1 LPL Summer Season 2020 W8D7 Invictus Gaming vs Top Esports by Onivia


IG vs TES Highlights Game 1 LPL Summer Season 2020 W8D7 Invictus Gaming vs Top Esports by Onivia
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Thank you for watching our highlights. We are working hard to get them to you within 10 minutes after the games have ended. Last season we started to upload Full day highlights and all game highlights that contain highlights of every game played on the given day. We saw that you liked them, so we will keep them. For 2020 we will be uploading LCS highlights, LEC highlights, LCK highlights, and LPL highlights. In addition, we will upload VCS highlights for the spring season to see how you like those.
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  1. OhBennett says

    your videos are so dope mate! XD

  2. dasng tungf says

    thesay vẫn ghê like like

  3. Team3AM says

    Knight and TES are apparently now "overrated" for losing to one of the best teams in the world, these silver-level analysts in the comments are hilarious ?

  4. Seesaw says

    369 trolling
    IG worst team LPL T1 3 IG 0

  5. Kittikawin Revuelta says

    This clearly shows if theshy respect the other laners more and play split push safer and let ning do the jungle game ig looks much cleaner

  6. sdf sdf says

    TES "RNG version 2.0"

  7. Baltazar says

    Wyniki wyszukiwania

    Wyniki wyszukiwania w sieci

    JackeyLove is still IG player. He should get 2nd game mvp. Dumbest Ezreal ult i ever seen. They made fake comeback in 2nd game and he just get caught like bronze.

  8. Abdurrahman Çolakoğlu says


  9. Romzkie Coquia says

    Baolan and Rookie MVP of this Series.

  10. alvian dendra says


  11. Jezreel Quinn Galanto says

    Rookie from lvl 1 crook to lvl 100 final boss.

  12. Sushil Rai says

    2018 – 2020: Rookie, still the best midlaner with the world…. (game 2 orianna)

  13. WolfVisser1 says

    The SHY basically playing AP Darius! Look at those Triumph heals jesus christ. 369 tried with the Jax counterpicks, but theshy is too good

  14. Samuel Rodriguez says

    7:24 holy fuck that was a beautiful ult?. Rookie is such a god

  15. Michael Devera says

    Rookie is so good

  16. Xe Xiu says


  17. 피자사냥꾼 says


  18. mh na says

    The shy the best

  19. 강민석 says

    Msc때 그 찐따같던 도표한테 털리던 개찐따 닝샤이가 맞나? 진짜 닝샤이는 전설이다

  20. TEDDYBEAR oreore says

    Rookie Carry

  21. oath man says

    Karsa laughed at rookie when he failed flash… now they lose 2-0.. i luv this karma

  22. ShakerWhatWasThat says

    I must say i see no difference between JKL and Puff and must say Baolan Puff is curently the best botlane in the world

  23. Lucas Lee says

    TES overrated

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