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ICONIC Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Moments


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muted parts to avoid youtube taking this video down

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  1. This Nyc says

    I was supposed to study. I'm now scared for my future.

  2. KingoftheKings says

    Adriana is over acting and over confident.

  3. Ko shad says

    no harry mentions?

  4. Alex Lake says

    I never realized how awkward Bella used to be her and her confidence improved so much

  5. Shreyashi Saha says

    Tell me someone what is the song when tyra was walking

  6. Rachel Golding says

    Get you a guy who looks at you like Adam looks at his wife

  7. M T says


  8. Shinta Lynn Octavia says

    OMG Adriana Lima!??Hands up to the queen ? She's truly a legend!

  9. k nisha says

    2:22 song name anyone?

  10. Nikol Georgieva says

    Omggg Adrianaaa

  11. La LunaCR says

    Riri better than Bella ??‍♀️?

  12. Joe Onemanteam says

    Sexy wow

  13. Grace Lightning says

    Adriana filling up this list , obviously

  14. Sheryl Sutherland says

    For me rihanna one was tops for me

  15. Ilene Goddard says

    Woah Bella honestly looked like an angel

  16. Phoenix 89 says

    I am even skinnier then them. Can i be also viltoria secret angel??

  17. ZeNa M. BsNo says

    #TyraBanks GET OFF THE STAGE!!!
    FAKE AS HECK!!!??????

  18. Mia Cano says

    Rihanna ❤

  19. koy pond says

    LOL @ the catty bitch at 1.57

  20. Matilda Matilda says

    Gisele. Thinks she’s all that… ugh

  21. nu Simrik says

    1st one was the best

  22. Rosa De la paz says

    The best… Adriana Lima

  23. João Vitor Rodrigues Gonçalves says

    Anyone walk than Gisele, the best forever.

  24. cathrinelanglete1964 says

    Rihannas walk wss the best!!!

  25. MissSweetAsHell says

    Lima and Naomi?? why is giselle always looking at the floor?

  26. E I Z E N A L A M O says

    Rihanna walking down the runway!!!!!!!!! ?

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