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thank you louis vuitton and youtube for sending me, it was AMAZING!!!!



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-emma chamberlain

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  1. Samantha Day says

    Can people stop thanking people for likes?? Like it isn’t a big deal and it isn’t personal it’s just annoying

  2. Niamh O Brien says

    0:39 omg I’m from Ireland hahaha

  3. Ashi Oneill says

    "i was on a plane for 11 hours but i slept for 8 and the other two……"
    Me 8+2=10 …..

  4. ur mom says

    now i want to go to Paris

  5. Avas Tutorials says

    Emma : WhO arE yOu fIlmIng
    The guy : ???

  6. chai tea says

    i'm sorry but if a skin care company were to sponsor her, idk what she would talk about. ??

  7. Baby Box says

    "Shut up and stay"

  8. Sierra Pangilinan says

    I love how you said “I haven’t had good hot coffee since ‘99”… but you were born in ‘01… am I missing something? ??‍♀️

  9. Malerie Mckenzie Trevino says


  10. arobinson:3 says

    Emma kinda looks like maddie Ziegler in a way….. Just me who thinks that?

  11. iijasminexx says

    Where is my Quarantine people at ;))

  12. Belmar Owens says

    is it me or that dress is from the early 2000's but also the 80's

  13. ayşenur irfanoğlu says

    That drinking sound effect makes me cough

  14. Morgan Craig says

    Emma: it's still dark and it's only 7:30

    Me: get use to it, its horrible

  15. Ellie Falk says

    Emma: I hope I can sleep on the plane

    Also Emma: Drinks Coffee

  16. kaylasbagels says


  17. caitlin moore says

    Shut up instead ily

  18. AvA TrEnArY says

    This is what child birth looks like?

  19. ok boomer says

    For all the people saying she's stupid saying she hasn't had good got coffee since 99' she also said she doesn't like hot coffee so she's saying she had good got coffee in her whole life

  20. Michael McKeever says

    When I went to Paris I went to that exact same Louis Vuitton store

  21. Arshi Khan says


  22. Luludag says

    Emma kinda looks like Timothee Chalamet but like in a good way

  23. El Coopz says

    Emma j walking or whatever it is, isn’t a thing in Europe or the uk ?❤️

  24. Abi Waters says

    emma loving being a girly girl

    the next video i watch she says eww girly girls ha i don't know her !

  25. Avery Alves says


  26. Josaphat Hergo says

    Im realizing the coffee machine that she uses at the beginning of the video,is the one Ethan gave to her. Oh my godd…I Miss the sister squad sooooo much????

  27. Blue Studio says

    I want to go to Paris because I want to see how crazy my girly side is ?

  28. camryn Bledsoe says

    Can anyone tell me what sweatshirt she is wearing in the beginning of the video? I LOVE!

  29. Anastasia Arthur says

    Ok so might not see this because this video is pretty old but I’ve been BINGE WATCHING your videos for 2/3 days now and I’m obsessed with you?? you also make me want to start filming videos again because I used to love it then life happened and I stopped but your videos make me wanna start again, love you!!!

  30. Brady’s Bakes and Cakes says

    The part where she acted like FB moms SENT ME! ?

  31. Catherine Wang says

    everything tastes better during jetlag

  32. amy the star says

    is it only me or does she look like veronica merrell

  33. gui gui says

    The Comments under this vid are sooo boring 🙁

  34. Shelby Kiew says

    First time viewer here and lemme just say HER PERSONALITY IS BOMBBBBBBB AF

  35. basic personal says

    damn she rlly landed that plane tho.

  36. putra pandawa II says

    Nice vidio
    Iam from Indonesia

  37. Megan Longdon says

    I tried watching his at 2am in the morning. WITHOUT WAKING UP MY FAMILY. I FAILED. u make ma laugh so hard I got my iPhone confiscated! Ty xx hehehe no but srsly I love u podcasts. Anything goes is doing so good. I love it :).

  38. Isabella Charnecki says

    It is unfair how pretty she is???uuuhggghhhhh

  39. Kyra Griffin says

    emma I love it girl

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