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I WENT OFF & Called GAME! 5v5 Basketball At Random Park!


Pulled up to this park to play 5v5 basketball and this happened…

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Thank you guys for the support! Make sure you hit the like button on the video, comment, and subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all❤️?

  2. NiickDaCommentator says

    “Sloppy basketball” ?

  3. Hay Ho says

    Have fun and get some buckets

  4. Zikre Kidusan says

    he a hooper hooper cause that’s a double rim

  5. Lawrence Daniels says

    My ig tristan is lj_capalot23gettingthebag

  6. Preston Dolman says

    Can someone explain why these videos are fun to watch? I'm not criticizing or critiquing, these videos are amazing but i can't explain in any good way why they are.

  7. KING NOLA .T.V. says

    In the start of the video who eles thought the chubby guy with all red was smooth with the dims

  8. KingCobraChris says

    Pass at 3:50 was fire

  9. Eoghan Doheny says

    0:40 that mans beard grew by the time he got to the courts

  10. Lawak Ngakak says

    Wowww, who like thisss?❤

  11. Sosamann Tv says

    Black lives matter shirt✊?

  12. NSideOutOreo says

    Was sloppy, but It was still fun to watch and looked like you had fun playing anyways.

  13. Joel Martinez says

    Them boys are trash ?? “fade away 3 on his ahh!!!”

  14. Tanjim Alam says

    This Tristan guy is just bad lmao he deadass sucks

  15. Sev7nvibes says

    He use the tap dude on his team as a prop bc he trash ?

  16. Evan Diaz says

    1:38 in 2k early and 78 covered air all

  17. LeBrecque Morrison says

    I saw that double dribble at 5:56 lol. U be killen them wit the 3 ball. No defense what so ever out there.

  18. Strip4Chino says

    Question why is security playing with jass ??

  19. MLK12 says

    5:31 wtf nego do borel in a T.Jass video???

  20. Shocker blocker says

    Tristan your. A good man

  21. Ryan Sullivan says

    What is this court made of???

  22. Kila Hepa says

    Sergio one of your friends?

  23. RIPETS says

    Bruh the mask does no good on your chin!???

  24. Milrock 21 says

    I appreciate the guy wearing the mask?

  25. Seattle Seahawks says

    Instagram yfn_josh12

  26. Yasir Saleem says

    Official _yasir23

  27. George Tsatas says

    Ig: georgetsatas12

  28. Poser Juanito says


  29. Cam Hamilton says


  30. RaGe_blast12 says

    Daniel_wind12 is my insta

  31. Famous Von says


  32. Jaxon Bader says

    Insta JBader11

  33. JordanIsGaming says

    Why do you not have a mask

  34. Sharkyplays says

    Yo the nba needs you!

  35. Jaylyn Boling says


  36. Jaylyn Boling says


  37. Jaylyn Boling says


  38. Nadia Anders says

    honestly i like the 5 v 5s but can we have somthin besides 5v5 basketball like if you agree

  39. Christopher Jones says

    Always playing some scrubs smh

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