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I Trained My Basketball Ball Handling Skills w/ Lakers 2 Week Program And This Happened…


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Phil Handy’s 10 Minute Basketball Ball Handling Program I Followed:

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  1. CashNasty says

    Work Hard!! ?

  2. ImmortalDfuse06 says

    Wow 1:16 do not buy it

  3. Diell Grulaj says

    27:59 look at right wtf???

  4. hofsnicolas says

    27:58 bruuh ????

  5. 4IGNN says

    Look at my dude fly ? 27:57

  6. Andrew Mejes says

    How many drills was that?

  7. Young Dre says

    Who else has a basketball rn

  8. Nap time123 says

    Cash do a shooting one for the three point arc and mid range

  9. X'ZAVIER WHITE says

    Good eye for in the dribbling but you should work on your shooting more

  10. killer centelle says

    Hooper hooper potential

  11. Alexander Brown says

    I’m glad cash hard work is paying off but he is making a series that all athletes do since they were young

  12. Lightskin says

    28:00 dude in tha back almost died

  13. Sharp Young says

    cool video. I am a 12 year boy on my moms account. who plays a ton of basketball. hard work is the best.

  14. Lanz Paqueo says

    Curry shoes are fire cash
    Go idol steph

  15. M & M says

    28:00 man in the back got done im shleep

  16. Robert Nathan says

    Cash 84 speed 84 ball handling after workout +3 speed +1 ball handling work hard grind I lost 31 pounds now I’m in fit in two weeks sprints and crunches is what I did and it paid off I was 197 and now I’m 165

  17. Folkloricyeti 62 says

    Anyone else saw the kid in the background fall

  18. Kelv0n says

    1 move then go simple.

  19. Derryck NBA Kid says

    19:10 that’s actually cap

  20. Unknown Mannion says


  21. LuffysMindset says

    Cash can dribble but like can’t brake down his defender because he’s a little slow,

  22. Carter vernile says

    u should do a shooting 30 day program

  23. Kyle Cosgrove says

    This is when you handle the ball like Kyrie, Cassius!

    you’re good!


  24. Naruto Uzamaki says

    27:58 my boy fell outta no where

  25. David Max says

    Dribble with a purpose ? have a goal in mind whether it’s to get a shot off or drive in ??

  26. David Max says

    U shoulda been workin on the layup package instead ??‍?

  27. Hensley Jb says

    27:58 nigga died and got right back up??that’s what I like to see?

  28. Hensley Jb says

    Love the speech honestly u can’t use quarantine as an excuse it shows weakness.

  29. kapoo7 says

    34:45 look at that kid listening what a bitch:DD

  30. Nick says

    All that fancy shit for what

  31. Ryan Merz says

    If ur gonna commit to dribbling try more then ten minutes lol

  32. Eliisthename Calderon says

    I can’t wait for LSK vs cash fr who y’all got if you got cash like and if you got lsk comment

  33. calvein prince says

    yall seen how dude fell in the back @28:00

  34. Sarahs Bf says

    Damn cash respect that fuckin grind? I been watchin since the 5th grade and have seen nothin but improvement, stay on yo grind folk predicate the past few GREAT years of GREAT content??

  35. Big Slime says

    Imagine trynna be like flight

  36. Cameron Bobbitt says

    28:00 min in, dude in the background got nekt!

  37. Coach Iggy says

    Cash is a Hooper Hooper he just don’t wanna admit he cause he can use it as an excuse when he don’t do good

  38. Tyler Sullivan says

    anyine else see tha bruh gettung his ankles broke 28:00

  39. kobe says

    Cash got 0 sauch on his crossovers

  40. joshua hernandez says

    Did any one see the kid a 27 min AND 55 seconds were he fell AND hit His head

  41. Kaleb C. says

    Cash was playing like flight

  42. Kimberly Samson says

    That’s right cash

  43. TheKings says

    my mans cash popped a mini shield

  44. POVHFR Videos says

    16:31 sounds like an early 2000s rap breakdown though

  45. Larry King says

    10:00 lmao this shit remind me of that scary movie skit where the wayans brothers are dribbling

  46. TCGamingFTW _ says

    Why wasn’t flight doing this ???

  47. Pornhub sex educator Johny sins says

    I got a dribbling AD on this video ? from curry not the goat Lebron but curry

  48. CCMAN says

    "What's the point in living if you gonna be a normal person" that's my new motto.

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