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i spent way too much money on these fashion nova dresses


i wish i would have a third nipple


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BUSINESS: Naomijon@gmx.de

lova yaaaa my lil broccoliiiis
#fashionnova #haul

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  1. Rich Boi Dior says

    12.45 got me dead hahahhaahahha thats so me

  2. tay van says

    fashion nova is so crappy it’s so expensive and super low quality

  3. Latoya Bramble says

    She kinda look like Katy Perry without that much makeup

  4. Sarah_ no_happy_ says

    Alexa killed it??

  5. User XD says

    U look so gooodddddd

  6. Yeya Music says

    The business walk ??☺️

  7. N Everything says

    I tried making an old dress?https://youtu.be/b7hLp5eHQRE

  8. Kim Bambi says

    Ahhhhhwwwh Tacoooeshh????

  9. shahad mohammed ‘ says

    7:17 thanks for ?

  10. C. Nicole W. says

    Knees cracking ?

  11. Natalie Holcomb says

    PrOmmIsIng ehUAHAHA

  12. bb bb says

    creizi ount is outtt???

  13. Melissa Klappe says

    I think i just found my twin sister?

  14. spacey editz says

    Third dress was cute though ??

  15. spacey editz says

    Why was the first dress so wrinkly?

  16. Omar Ismaeil says


  17. Dasha M says

    13:07 best moment hands down

  18. Robin DbAnK says

    I love Naomi's makeup, like all the time it looks good lol

  19. Sara Bulanda says

    I pee myself at that trash thing ??? it’s so hilarious to me omg

  20. Reyna Lopez says

    I hate how she always has to say she isn't pregnant. Like girl, your body is literally bomb af. You have curves some can only dream of ? Perfection ?

  21. charro028 says

    You hair a pretty voice

  22. El says

    The flowers looks the tulips, and if they are i just wanna inform you that those are dangerous for cats so keep em well away from their reach. usually dont like these videos, but your personality makes em fun 🙂

  23. elley sophia says


  24. jay pen says

    You and Vincent remind me of cartoon characters

  25. Lisa Gecko says

    Ich Feier es das du deine Videos auf Englisch machst

  26. L. K says

    Am i the only one thinking it would be hilarious, if Naomi would do Lets play's? like Sims or something?

  27. Aby says

    9:14 wait what was that music from

  28. Rachel says

    the materials are soo cheap.

  29. Ana Darko says

    I am obsessed with her ass

  30. c l says

    I mean ich kann schon verstehen, dass es nh bissel scheiße für dich ist, dass fashion nova von einem "erwartet" eine relativ große Oberweite zu haben, aaaaber für Frauen mit großen Brüsten (und einem nicht so großen Unterbrustumfang) ist es einfach schön mal einen Laden mit passenden Kleidern zu haben 🙂

  31. nevarezarisbel says

    why is no one talking about how stunning she looks in the sun

  32. Marlen Avelares says

    I ordered some items expensive items… dude they be doing their items with cheap as material honestly and then they won’t let me return two out of the five items I bought and they only give store credit so I’ll have to exchange If for something when the items are not even good at all

  33. lola p says

    Lol you can’t just put makeup on ur nose and chin only girl.

  34. JaOfficial.1 says

    When she said “Hell NaOWwww”

  35. Camila Andrea Torres says

    hahhaah love your videos!

  36. Sierra says

    ThE WAlk AHAHA

  37. Anahi Barajas says


  38. Nurul Fadhilah says

    The second dress issa big NOOOOOO!!!! Criii?????? i love your cat ?

  39. Marianne Contrino says

    Was not anticipating a "Laser Cats" crossover, but thankfully, every once and awhile, life gives us what we didn't even know we needed, at a time when we least expect it. (11:21)

  40. Annie L says

    I loved the velvet fabric look then . . . and I love it now. The red one slayed.

  41. Maggie Marie says

    Okay but your body is so HOT

  42. Deilynn Dgreatdr says

    There are Europeans but they are EXTREMELY European….ikea everything! Lol

  43. T FAN says

    Girl what print do you have blurred out???? I'm so curious!!!! You never fail to make me laugh, Naomi….thanks!!

  44. Kerri Simonsen says

    I absolutely LOVED the hot pink dress and the lighter pink flowey dress and ESPECIALLY the white dress. ???? oh yeah and the “business dress” lol. That was super, super cute too. ?

  45. Hd Es says


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