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I Replaced My Breakfast with This Ultra Healthy Smoothie


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A few months ago, I got tired of spending all the time required to actually cook breakfast in the morning. So I went out, got a Nutribullet blender, and started experimenting with different smoothie recipes in order to create a good morning meal replacement.

Today, I’m going to show you the recipe that ended up sticking. This is a nutritionally complete, healthy breakfast smoothie that takes less than 5 minutes to make, involves very little cleanup, and gives me a ton of energy.

It also tastes really good (in my opinion, at least), which means I never dread making it – a very important factor when you’re trying to build a food-based habit.

Keep in mind that there are tons of different healthy smoothie recipes out there, so this is just one idea. I regularly swap out ingredients myself to add variety.

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  1. Jeff Davis says

    JIF has cottonseed oil in it, which isn't even food. I try to find nut butters that have a very short ingredient list (preferably 1).

  2. Alex Kace says

    vegan is a scam

  3. Johnathan M says

    Solid recipe. I would switch out the fake peanutbutter for real peanutbutter & switch out the whey protein for plant based protein. Otherwise, this recipe is pretty similar to mine

  4. Peter G says

    I make each morning a shake, here is what I use in the mix, 4 Dates less seed, I use date paste, 1 Tbl of each, Steel Cut Oats, Black Chia, LSA, Hemp, Wheat Germ and 3 Tbls High Protein Whey, 1 xTsp of Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cinnamon. 1 Teaspoon Black Pepper to help Turmeric dispersion in the body and a good teaspoon full of honey. 2 thirds cup of ice and a 2 Tbl water. Fruit,, I always use banana but only one third for creamyness plus say blue berry, or any berry available, at the moment I am using Passionfruit, as much as you like. I mix all this with a Bamix and it works fine, easy clean, done correctly it foams up fantastic and I eat with a spoon while reading the newspaper each morning.

  5. Ronny Hubbard says

    Forget blenders…everyone needs either a nutrininja or nutribullet!??

  6. Reaction Factory says

    Dislike for opening the banana the way you did. I'm personally offended.

  7. Stephanie Young says

    Cup of Spinach
    Banana half
    Strawberries 4-5
    Blackberries 4-5
    Raspberry 4-5
    Blueberries 4-5
    Flax seeds .5 tablespoons
    Chia Seeds 2 tablespoons
    Oats 4 tablespoons
    Any liquid fill to maxline.
    Peanut Butter spoonfull
    Whey Protein single serving
    Blend And enjoy

  8. Stephanie Young says
  9. esiagent1 says

    A few of the things I put in my health shack is Turmeric,cinnamon,potato starch, spirulina, coconut chips as well as a number of items your using. The fruit I can very dependent what I have.

  10. Damon Macready says

    Even better; don't blend your fruits and vegetables, just eat them. Blending fruit releases free sugars which your body adapts more easily causing overweight, which can cause health problems later on. The fibers are also blended into smithereens, so you don't get the benefits from those. As long as you workout thoroughly it's less risky, but I don't recommend blending your foods to save time. When it comes to nutrition and health, spending a little more time is very beneficial and something your body will thank you for later.

  11. JV Emprendiendo says

    Hey, really hoping you make the meal preap video. Will be very helpful in this quarentine time

  12. Lucid.daviddd says

    i just made it and tried it, oh my GOD, it taste good

  13. t S says

    I just found your channel I am a new subscriber and I can’t get enough of it. You’re such an inspiration.

  14. Jeremy King says

    It’s just like the smoothies I make, except I don’t put bananas or strawberries or spinach, or flax, or chia or whey or peanut butter.

  15. Strike Pro Bazooka says

    I just got a question one question and would appreciate if anyone can help me. I make smoothies using mangoes, apples, bananna, and regular milk, and plain oats. I hear that smoothies are unhealthy, any advice?

  16. Antipapirus says

    Nb.1 tip for smoothie drinking you wont see on youtube = keep each sip in your mouth and swoosh it around the mouth at least 10 times or more to create saliva – without that your stomach will feel deeply sad cause he doesn't digest it well so all your health goes to the back street .. Dont use FLAX seeds -chia seeds are the best

  17. Estevan Bonilla says

    “There are many like it, but this one is mine”…….did I sense a veteran or son of one?

  18. John Adams says

    Spoon in a cup? Why don't you just use a cup dude!

  19. hegemon says

    I really liked the background music. Sounds dope

  20. Ricardo Pena says

    I need a barber like his in my life!

  21. Jeff O says

    Are you seriously worried about using plastic straws?? Dude?!?

  22. Aden Jones says

    What is Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear many individuals lost their fat with this popular weight loss methods.

  23. MrGhostBoxer says

    Flaxseed lowers testosterone.

  24. John says

    I've been drinking this, but I buy the berry mix with some greens and I add more greens also……. with coconut water, its really good

  25. Junezard TV says

    Thank you. I love this

  26. Master Tech says

    U say, it will take less than 5 mins, but it takes 8 mins, lol just kidding mate, no hard feeling please.

  27. Slim Goodie says

    Yeah, strawberry = banana, sounds like the brain is having a mental situation. Might need to add some Prevagen to the smoothie. lol!

  28. Slim Goodie says

    Add and egg why don't or the kitchen sink!

  29. Ramón González says

    Some news to consider, recently is been proven by several different studies flaxseed lowers testosterone by a considerable amount. It's even been used in humans to help females with facial hair problems because of high test and it works great.

  30. Trust nobody And I don’t says

    I think you did great!your good speaker and explain well!good suggestions!so having said I will sub I’m Curtis probably see my questions?or opinions frequently thank you again !✌️

  31. Greg Andrade says

    I want to throw up ?

  32. D Y says

    i bite open the banana too lol

  33. Jasmine Gold says

    How many calories is in your delicious smoothie Frank? ☺?

  34. Lee Holke says

    Swap ur protein for a clean vegan one and that will be a healthy smoothie . That's protein u using isn't all that

  35. Adnane lardi says

    okay so you want me to take this 1k calorie smoothie instead of my bowl of oats ugh get lost haha

  36. Nixon Chan says

    Is there any credibility to those saying blending is not as healthy as eating the vegetables or fruits? We know juicing is definitely not as healthy, firstly fibre is missing. But blending?

  37. Gloria Park says

    Can I add whole peanuts instead of peanut butter?

  38. Bishop says

    Almond butter > peanut butter

  39. Tulio Pereira says

    Green bananas have less sugar

  40. Sneaky Home Cook says

    This drink is heavy in calories. Now it has a lot of good for you stuff but it’s heavy calorie

  41. lazerbean says

    Sorry you lost me at 1000 calorie smoothie. Thanks for the video though!

  42. Ed Cooper says

    Hi – Im really enjoying your videos and going to have a go at this this morning. As your really into optimisation and good habits im surprised you havent gone vegan? – Maybe check out How Not To Die by Micheal Greger – Its good science and might persuade you to at least consider moving in that direction. Going vegan is not only good for your health – but for the environment and animals as well – so its win win win.

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