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I ranked every High School Musical Song on a Tier List


We ranked every High School Musical Song from Best to Worst to Most Culturally Inappropriate on a Tier List. Disney Channel just doesn’t make original movies like they used to. No one makes streams like I do either.

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  1. Missile says

    Just a couple of fellas.

  2. International iGOT7 says

    Wasn't HSM 1&2 made specifically for TV as a DCOM while HSM3 was meant for theaters or sum, and that's why HSM3 is videoed and edited so weirdly ?

  3. blueVinzo says

    im furious about Gotta Go My Own Way being in C tier, its 100% S or S+ tier.

  4. Nicolas Petit de Meurville says

    Man, you are bad at Spanish

  5. Bespectacled Heroine says

    I Want It All is the best by far, you’re mad. It being more of an unabashed fantasy makes it more interesting, and it just goes so hard by the end. That chorus line with Ryan in it, namedropping all those fancy schmancy locales, the special effects extravaganza? You’re nuts.

  6. HBDiniz _10 says

    if I want it all isn't in S tier what's the point?

  7. kyle l says

    did you really think that was spanish

  8. Cecilia M says

    I got into a fist fight with my cousin when HSM2 premiered because I was at her house and she didn't wanted to watch it hahah

  9. Em Cee says


  10. Paul Vizcarra says

    Bet on it is at the top that's all I needed

  11. Ian Bula says

    WHAT?? All for One is straight up S Tier!!! C’mon 😏 omg a BUNCH of these songs belong higher

  12. Davi Acnologia0 says

    "Why have spanish subtitles"… its portuguese

  13. Nega says

    0:52 I just noticed they are showing a video of the party on the TV screens.

  14. Sailor Cat says

    2:16 That's German! xD

  15. Milena Lemi says

    Me when 'getcha head in the game' turned german:👁️👄👁️

  16. Męłłó says

    Bop to the top at C?? Night to remember low as well? 🙁

  17. Ennok Fuentes says

    I bet you think Sharpay is a villain

  18. Reagan Bartels says

    "Scream" should get S+ tier solely for the fact that they had to build the fucking inception hallway to make it.

  19. Inés N says

    2:25 it is not Spanish

  20. Facu Manuel says

    Dude what the fuck! A Night To Remember is S Tier WHEN THE LEAST. Should be put on S+.

  21. emma0997 says

    ryan is the censored, disney channel version of kurt from glee

  22. Cedric Mathew Hudson says

    I Want It All is THE best song in all three movies, fight me.

  23. Pinkyysquare says

    troye speaking German
    "why is it in SPanish??" hahahha

  24. Emily Jdgv says

    Sharpay and Ryan didn't have a redemption arc because THEY DIDN'T NEED ONE. They were perfectly valid

  25. Daniel Joseph Pena says

    Ur not qualified to make this video obviously you don’t know the HSM songs

  26. Daniel Joseph Pena says

    Annoying af

  27. The PinkKnife says

    That’s what I needed

  28. Louise says

    Can’t believe you dissed gotta go my own way like that

  29. Antoni Zajkowski says

    Zac Efron: speaks German
    This guy: WHY IS IT IN SPANISH

  30. Jose Nieto says

    2:20 that's spanish for you mate? xD

  31. Jayjuniper Jen says

    I've never seen the third… I just could never must up the energy

  32. JigglyChocolateman says

    ✨Sharpay Evans✨, queen👑👸🏼of cultural appropriation!!!

  33. taeyong enthusiast says

    wtf.. a night to remember C TIER??? cant believe this..

  34. Mariana Marcondes says

    16:30 the subtitles are you Portuguese

  35. xRenniexox says

    u forgot to rank sharpay's version of a night to remember

  36. Jay says

    a night to remember is S tier you cant change my mind

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