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I Played The WEIRDEST Game Ever..



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  1. LazarBeam says


  2. Liam Dykes says


  3. Dizzy GamerTTV says

    Lazer voice crackered

  4. kenneth trippe says

    Lazar doesn't know sans

  5. XD OPyeeter666 says


  6. Finley Ayres says

    Here’s ur willie ur big fat villie u massive twat

  7. Samuel Newsom says

    Are you you using ps4

  8. Noah Ellison says

    Hey I have that game 2 ?

  9. Lisa Mccabe says

    Fresh is your son

  10. daled barker says

    My name is alfie

  11. daled barker says

    Lazarlazar I am your biggest fan

  12. Jason S says

    7:57 Meowth that's right

  13. LazarBeam Biggest fan says

    The breakfast just ha

  14. Ballofpositivity 101 says

    Still to fucking fortnite

  15. Neel Khurana says

    Can’t I live in India

  16. The Flores Family says

    I Love Dr., Tavel fresh jerky to do the only green challenge if you like green light or maybe you could use a green pickax challenge

  17. Richard Dunks says

    You know that’s meglivano

  18. Jai Parab says

    I never new he was 18 ?????????

  19. Adeel Habib says

    POKEMON REFERANCE!::::::!!!!:::::: 7:57

  20. dragonmaster999999 m says

    Who saw Sans at 10:23

  21. renee paquin says


  22. Jerod Burghart says

    Notice how lannan was playing on play staition

  23. Stacy ann Manderson says

    This was a year ago but I would but it was a year ago but happy birthday fresh

  24. denller crush says

    Fresh is lazars son. Fresh has a sister. Lazer has a gf whitch is freshes sister. WTF

  25. Marina Kristensen says

    i kant live in denmark

  26. louanne robinson says

    U were slaping heads and i got a add and it sayd snap test

  27. AwesomeEvan45 says

    you know what parkour means in french

    code lazar

  28. Joe Banana says

    6.39 "there is a litrall hairy ballsack in my breakfst PLEASE" lol i heard this wrong at first. and thought he said i want not there. is for some reason lol just thought it was funny and there is no reason you need to know it but ….?

  29. 1337 says

    11:49 thats swedish music bro

  30. Noble_DeaDPooL says

    Yo no way thank you so much Lannan for playing my map(a.k.a. The quest for cheese) this means so much

  31. Colton The beast says

    That was a rip off Godzilla

  32. Lesley D says


  33. Lesley D says


  34. jacob Marling says

    please hug me is like socially distancing

  35. SharkLagHax says

    Only ogs remember lbp

  36. King CoinQ says

    Dreams is awesome!!!

  37. MC Danger7 says

    11:43 you can hear phub intro

  38. Tyler Hayes says

    11:39 favorite part ever

  39. j dog says

    Lazarbeam u need to post the video of u kissing as a reaction video and why are u gay

  40. Armando Ruiz says

    now your lazar beam 5:16

  41. PaulieKing Studios says

    Bro the Godzilla monster is like Lazarbeam after he don’t get his hugs lol

  42. A'dia Mckelton says

    Did you make any money

  43. Sizzzler says

    Lazar Should Make A Game On Dreams For A Video.

  44. Claire Alberts says

    Bruh no

  45. Candace Wilt says

    Is lazerbeams sister fresh mom

  46. Sydnes jules Gale says

    My name is sydney

  47. Jennifer Painter says

    Happy birthday Fresh and lazar do dum shit Science but Keep up the good work

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